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But First…


All of our training sessions begin with nourishing our flexibility and mobility.

In this house, your awesome body isn’t going anywhere near those weights until…

First, Foam Rolling.
Second, Static Stretches.
Third, Active/Dynamic Mobility


Well, let’s make it simple.

We want to recruit more muscles fibers to work for us, but if they are all bound up in traffic jams, AKA “knots,” how the hell are they gonna get to work?

Chances are they probably won’t, and then their colleagues and fibers from other departments start doing their job for them, (not as well of course…because IT’S NOT THIER JOB), and before ya know it the whole department breaks down and business closes.

Get it?

Training is about movement.
Life is about movement.
Movement is about…..movement.

So let’s give our body the chance to move most efficiently, so we can lift heavier shit OR just move your amazingly complex body around properly!