Happy 8th Birthday GEvolution!

YES! March 25th, 2021 was our 8th birthday!

In the morning, our team engagement leader asked me if I would be posting about this milestone on our Facebook pages.

I replied, “I will post, yes <3.”

But I didn’t.

Recently, I seem to have bazillions of thoughts swirling in the crinkly wrinkles of my brain, yet when I choose to write them out, I get so DEEP into the crinkles that I do not know where to start.

That’s what kept happening yesterday as I sat down to write about the depth of gratitude…and I mean the DEPTH of gratitude, I have, for seeing GEvo beginning it’s 9th year.

Being an entrepreneur is a wild roller coaster ride.

As if being human isn’t already a round the clock practice swinging at curve balls, 8 years ago, I decided to throw the fast ball of entrepreneurship across home plate too.


GEvolution Fitness has moved me to tears countless times.

~some tear drops are brimming with astounded happiness – looking around a packed gym, hearing the loud music, seeing smiling faces, observing athletic form, feeling the !UP! energy from community we have forged as they move together.

~some tear drops are jammed with old programming – the fear, that I do not deserve the goodness of this creation and it will soon be all over.

Why am I even being this transparent? I could simply just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEVO and share a bunch of colorful pictures and call it a day.

I think the most honest answer is 2 sided.

Side 1: That just wasn’t Real.

Side 2: I want you to know what I feel. I want you to know that even the founder of this fitness community, this small business experience feelings of uncertainty and fear.

Life takes exceptional navigation skills, a support system you can turn to, the willingness to be *resourceful, professionals that can assist you and the desire to face your shadow / demons in order to continue rising.

We are a resilient breed, you, me, us…

…but we don’t have to do it alone. We are social creatures by design, so we are not meant to. Even if you live alone or are not connected to family or friends, there are still other humans out there ready to be at your side in assistance. *look beyond what is right in front of you*

Striking the gold of deep unyielding belief in ourself IS practice and we will teeter between the astounding happiness and old programming/fear. Absolutely embrace this as part of your journey. IT’s REAL. Teetering between is NOT a of sign of weakness.

IT IS AN INVITATION TO SEAL THE LEAK. It’s a moment of awareness that more support is needed and that is OK.

So, it IS a HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY for us at GEvo and I am gleamingly grateful for EVERYONE who has been and IS on this ride with us!

I just felt drawn to write this. Maybe you needed it? I know I did 🙂

Love to you and here is to another 8

and another 8

and another 8

and another 8

and another 8