3 Things Our Potential Team Members Need to Know Before Joining Us…

If you choose us, we want you to know what to expect😉

#1. Expect to be Known by your Name, Not by Your Membership Number. 

At the exact moment we receive your request for your No Sweat Introduction with our Founder, our relationship has begun. 

We want to know you, so we can fully support you and meet you where you are RIGHT NOW in your Wellness Journey .

We want to provide to you an experience that is not cut by your favorite cookie creating device.

We want to you to know that we straight up care.

We will remind you of this through our coaching as we combine our personal authenticity WITH the desire to push you as you are ready for it.

You have a name. You have a history. You have a present moment. You have a future.

You are not Membership #10001, withdrawal date 1/1/21

#2. We Will Listen to You, Get Specific about YOUR Desired Goals and We Will Call Out Your Excuses.

We get specific with your goal setting. “Feel Better,” “Be Healthier,” “Get Stronger.” These are all blanket statements. They do not truly convey or connect us to our authentic WHY for attaining our accomplishments. 

We willingly help you get specific. 

We open ourselves to you for conversation. 

We even have specialized accountability coaching available to really get you fired up!

And once we hear you, we meet you there….We don’t fit you in to what WE feel like coaching.

Oh, the excuses part? Yes, We will *gently remind you that there IS a way to defeat the perceived obstacle. We will even step you through it. Together we will call the excuse out for what it is….an illusion.

*gently is subjective to each one of our coaches #HAHAHAHAHAHAH 

#butreally, you’ll end up knowing self-sabotage so well and will have the ability to outfox that bitch! 

#3. Middle Fingers are Welcomed! 

Haha! Yes! 

We Welcome your longest finger to make a tall appearance on the daily at here at GEvolution. 

We recognize this as a crystal clear term of endearment from our team members. 

We also note it to be a very reliable grading measure of effectiveness of our exercise science based, high energy training programming. #hahahaha

We can even suggest some talented local manicurists to fancy up that finger for you! #shoplocal #SupportSmallBusiness

So yeah! Raise it high! 

We LOVE when you show us LOVE!


Please take the above items very seriously when considering us.


Now go back to our main page and sign up for your No Sweat Introduction 🙂