Bad Habits

πŸͺ„it’s soooooo easy to point out our bad habits.

Bad = not aligned with our best self.

πŸ—then we wanna create healthier habits.

Healthier = aligned with our best self…. BUT, we have got to get πŸ”…specificπŸ”… about what we want to change and what we want to change it into….

The general requests…

β˜€οΈI want to feel better.
✨I want to be healthy.
πŸ’«I want to look better….

What is really under giant β˜‚ umbrella?..

Today, go a teeny tiny bit deeper…Write a small list of your bad habits (the ones that make ya feel low, tired, stuck in a rut, unorganized, whatever)….AND THEN, beside them, write the new habits you would like to replace them with!

Now instead of saying β€œI am not going to do X anymore…we can say, I AM doing Y from now on.

Define what you really want!.. Here are examples:

❌old habit – Always wanting to have the right answer-β€œI have to get this all right. I don’t want to not have all the answers at this meeting, perfect this…”
🟒new habit – Listen, learn, ask. Be honest with myself and others if I am unsure.__

❌old habit – working on my phone when I am not in β€œworking hours.”
🟒new habit – be present, and put the phone away. Designate time for working efforts on the phone. Remove apps that unnecessarily connect me to work when I am not AT work.

❌old habit – saying yes to everyone, everything-stretching myself way to thin, becoming resentful that I have not claimed time for me.
🟒new habit – saying no, with love.

❌old habit – opening the refrigerator every time I walk by it.
🟒new habit – put a handwritten quote that aligns with my specific goals on the door of the fridge, and read it as I stroll by it…

Thank you for letting me share this with you…Let me know if you have any questions or need some guidance!..