GEvolution Fitness is a Functional Training Gym for women, men and family. This means that your specific programming is created by an experienced, knowledgeable coach who guides you throughout your complete workout. We have a 360-degree approach to our training which means your workouts will always take place in the same 3 planes of motion your body can move in. We train functionally. We train for life. We do not have machines in our gym. Here, the machine is your amazing, complex & capable body. We train you for life, for sport, for aesthetics, for your desired accomplishments. Perhaps a little bit of all of those mixed in together.


GEvolution Fitness is passionately devoted to humanity. We empower each other to embrace our true self as we evolve on our chosen path. While training our bodies with honor, we nurture the strong connection between our capable bodies and authentic souls. 

Together we emerge in greatness.


We have barbells, we have dumbbells, we flip tires, we swing sledgehammers & kettlebells, we deadlift, we squat, so we must be a gym, right? No. We are more than your typical gym. We are a place cultivating an empowering strength community where we emerge with true belief in ourselves, through physical training and positivity. If you really want to know who we are, you will want to look at our core values. These values form the foundation of our mission and here at GEvolution, we have 4.


We fuse together our genuine personal and professional experience, movement education and passion for the wellness of humanity 

To empower our team.

To convert fear into confidence.

To convert self doubt into self trust.

Using positive reinforcement, we co-create alongside our team with supportive accountability through form – honoring training, real life nutrition and growth mindset development. All of which are built with for your desired accomplishments in mind.

Self Discovery.

Perhaps working out has hit our radar because we want to “look better,” or “feel more comfortable in our skin.”

We hear you. We understand.

Along the way though, a shift occurs, a self-discovery, and strength development stretches beyond the gym. We begin to reveal and embrace our true self. We appreciate our true self. We allow our true self. We develop or recapture self-devotion, self-discipline & self-empowerment. This self-discovery then intensifies and solidifies our physical because we have tapped into our inner strength. 

Honoring our Bodies.

The foundation of our physical strength starts with honoring the structural integrity of the body we have been gifted with and its current capacity at a given moment.

Movement is the essence of life and we promote and passionately believe in the execution of safe form and developing optimal body awareness. 

First, accuracy, then speed.

First, depth, then growth.


We move and rise higher, together.

Like Sister Sledge sings in the tune of A Major, “We are Family…..” and we are!

The great House of Blue is a movement playground where we all come together to turn up our energy, our vibration, our frequency and our awesomeness, to share with each other and all whom we connect and impact with outside of our walls.


We want to inspire you, wildly. We welcome you to fiercely celebrate your victories. We want to use our crazy, compiled experiences to guide you towards your aspirations. We want to make you laugh, sometimes uncontrollably. We want to support you in realizing that your happiness is indeed, within your Self. We are here to encourage you in knowing that within you is this totally, rad, super, BADASS, who is capable of anything. We want you to connect deeply with your inner strength.

Let’s do this together.