How to Join

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The first step in becoming a GEvo Team Member is your Complimentary No Sweat Intro! This intro session isn’t about wrapping measuring tape around every inch of you and getting you to hop on one foot, we promise!

Throw on your favorite workout gear and come in to personally meet with our GEvo founder for 45-60 minutes to explore your health history, fitness past, present and future, your desired accomplishments and why functional fitness training is something you want as part of your lifestyle.

It’s also your time to get to know us, about our GEvolution mission and culture and to know what to expect as a team member.

Last but not least, we will do a postural and movement screening with you. 

These screenings enable us to create an individualized Injury Prevention & Corrective Strength/Flexibility program specifically based on your lifestyle and the needs of your body.

Movement is the Essence of Life!

We know you are SO ready to become a GEvolution Team Member! We are SO ready to Welcome you! Your Strength Community is waiting for you! Sign up right here to schedule your Complimentary One-on-One No Sweat Introduction with GEvolution Founder and Coach, Gina LoMonaco.

Some Messages from Our Team Members . . .

I absolutely love this positive accountability coaching. It has really refocused me on my priorities and allowed for so much clarity. I feel less sluggish, more clear mentally, sleeping better (finally). I just feel like I’m coming out of the “fog” for the past year.
-Julie C.

"What a fantastic gym! It has everything for your fitness needs and athletic goals, along with some highly motivating and inspirational professionals who will get you where you want to be."
-Erin W.

I just completed a 6 week Core Crusher Challenge at my gym. A group of about 40 members were challenged to complete rounds of core exercises (on top of our regular workouts), drink more water, change our nutritional habits as well as to express gratitude, random acts of kindness, and more! It was fun; I learned more about myself; enjoyed the support of my teammates. Thanks to gym owners, Gina and Rick, as well as our coaches who pushed us and praised us! High Fives to us all!🤚
Working out at Gevolution Fitness is fun and keeps me strong so I can do the outdoor activities I like to do!
-Kim L.

GEvo's positive attitude and incredible knowledge, combined with an authentic personality of leading by example is a true gift. I feel fortunate to be on this team during my life-changing journey. I am making my self-care a priority and on the road to becoming the absolute best version of myself.
-Shelly N.

Soooooo team, big breaking news...since starting this journey, I am down from 38" jeans to 34. So amazed and grateful for your accountability coaching! I love all of the coaches and their kick-butt workouts, and my decision to let go and try a completely different approach to living is working!
-Jason H.

"Best place on earth to not only gain strength but find your path to fitness! I have never been to a gym that was so supportive in my journey in both ups and downs! The coaching staff is absolutely amazing!!"

-Amy M.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming my daughter with open arms this past Athletic Training Session.  I believe she came out of these past 6 (or eight) weeks with so much more confidence and more understanding.  We went from me "making" her go, to her asking and telling me she wanted to continue with Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Not only does she want to continue but she has gotten her 6th-grade sister to want to go as well.  BRAVO!  I'm so glad that I invested in ya'll, who in turn invested in my daughter.  Thank you!

"GEvolution has provided an outlet for my mind, my body, and my soul. Each workout session, which is more than reps & sets, has shown me how strong I am, emotionally and mentally."
-Nicole M.