Aashley Malsbury


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2022 Central Maine Strongman Women’s Champion
  • 2022 United States Strongman Nationals Qualifier

My Passion for Coaching

I came to coaching late in my life. For years, I used the gym as an emotional outlet for daily stressors, insecurities, heartbreak, sadness, and depression. I then found success in trusting my body, testing its abilities, and challenging myself to work harder, to achieve more.

I had my own “!A-HA!“ moment and I want to share what working hard physically, pushing myself mentally, and finding inner trust and strength has done for me, with you! There is always more to learn and we can do it together!

Aashley Malsbury.

What I love about coaching

I want to learn about your journey.
I enjoy serving others.
I love providing encouragement.
I love the camaraderie.
I love challenging people, pushing them outside of their comfort zone, and watching their belief in themselves blossom.
I love it when someone has the “!A-HA!” Moment about fitness, wellness, mindset, or personal ability.
I love watching confidence soar. It’s visible in the newfound way folks will carry themselves!
I love watching people grow emotionally and mentally and in turn, will then help and support others!