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Our Most Popular Training Style! Train alongside industry experienced coaches and an empowering group of people during a variety of well supervised, interactive, hands on, high energy-fueled functional workouts. Our Team Training Sessions are excellent for creating overall strength, weight loss, drastically improving functional movement, increasing endurance, amplifying balance & coordination, and core development. Experience dynamic mobility and multi dimensional exercises while perfecting form and increasing body awareness with a multitude of strength training tools.

Strength and Conditioning,
GEvolution Fitness Strength Training sessions focus on team goals.



These team training sessions focus primarily on the strength gains our team members desire. While working with effective form, we strive to increase strength & amplify power & add mass with a multitude of strength training tools. Experience a variety of well supervised, interactive, hands on, workouts w/ industry experienced coaches. In addition, our strength training programming focuses on cardiorespiratory improvement & increasing flexibility & improving posture & muscle movement with foam rolling & muscle tightness release techniques.



Experience 45-60 minutes of personalized instruction and specific program design tailored for your fitness desires with an experienced & certified coach. Stay empowered & motivated while improving your technical, postural & athletic skills and every workout will count towards your desired accomplishments. Private coaching is also an excellent introduction to strength, flexibility & conditioning training for new team members. Beginners, Special Populations & Sport Specific Trainees fare very well here.

GEvolution Fitness has 45-60 minutes of personalized instruction tailored to your fitness goals.
GEvolution Fitness is the new home of Central Maine Strongman.



GEvolution Fitness is the new home of Central Maine Strongman, one of the longest running Strongman Competitions in the USA. We love and honor the sport of Strongman and we want to share it with you. We are here to take you through the sport introduction to your personal competitive journeys. Atlas Stones, Logs, Axles, Circus Dumbbells, Tire Flips, Farmer’s Carries, Yokes, Power Stairs, Conan’s Wheel, Kegs, Husafell Stones, We’ve got it all for you. Special Strongman Competition Packages available based on season.


TRX – T2B2

TRX Total Body Burn is a fun and intense total body workout utilizing your body weight and gravity. Get stronger and leaner by adding this phenomenal low impact class to your fitness regime. Boost your training with added core strength, endurance, flexibility and more. This class Rocks! TRX suspension straps are used to perform numerous exercises including squats, lunges, curls, rows, tricep extensions, push-up, pikes, mountain climbers….the possibilities are endless! Get stronger, better, faster by adding this phenomenal low impact class into your fitness regime and boost your training! Flexibility, Endurance, Core Strength and More!

GEvolution Fitness offers TRX Total Body Burn workouts in Augusta, Maine.