Walking is Underrated

Walking is underrated.

Not step counting. Not power walking.

Just walking.

It’s can brings us everywhere.

We use it as a means.


Ahhhhhhhh, the feel of a walk that has no agenda behind it. 

Taking Easy, with no agenda.

Finding the Joy in each step and each breath.

Absorbing the scenery. Acknowledging our bodies.

Just being free.

Barefoot, sandals, sneakers, hiking boots.

Your choice.

Grass, dirt, boulders, asphalt, concrete, synthetic rubber.

It’s your choice. (Although my fave is boulders!🤗)

Choosing to engage not for the “step count,” but for the pure movement goodness it brings to our bodies. 

Choosing the experience instead of the action.

Ahhhhh, if you choose to take a stroll today or any day, I invite you to revel in the blessing and joy of it.

Is there a destination ahead? A peak? A marker? It will be there but along the way we have the opportunity to craft our one of a kind experience ♥️

Love. Light. And a little more Love to you!