Mom, Life and Disease

My mom would walk through door around 6-7pm after 12-16 hours of running the fuel company in Brooklyn during the winter…

Her “Marie Lucky 17” mirrored keychain and black flats would get left at the door.

A drop of the keys.

A stomping of her shoes.

Her black pea coat though, that would stay on.

Some quick hellos.

Hi Ma!

Hi Ma!

She’d walk to the kitchen, put her purse up on the counter + would proceed to just DO. MORE. STUFF.

No pause.

Stack papers, sweep, a few folds of laundry, grab some dinner ingredients from the fridge, probably snag a *cold hot dog or some beets out of the jar in the speed of it all for a “snack” before dinner.

She’d take a quick call, put some dishes away…….

Then maybe after 20-30 minutes, she’d take her coat off and go right back to it….

Always doing.

God Love her!

I am indeed my mother’s daughter and spent YEARS running my life the same way.

*except for the cold hot dogs and beets 🤢🤣

But that kind of life didn’t make her happy.

That kind of life didn’t make me happy.

My mom died of colon cancer in 2002.

DIS-EASE took her.


Apart from Calm.

Asunder from Serenity.

Away from Comfort.

How about you?

Are you in a state of “dis-ease?”

I was, just like my mom.

However, I have recognized I can recalibrate this!

Change this.


I have dedicated my life to doing so for the last couple of years, with the deepest understanding of its importance being of late!

Here is ONE small 60-second something I do….

When I finish something…

Before I move to the next something….

I stop for a minimum of 60 seconds.




Drop my shoulders.

Shift gears.



🤍Coaching call followed by painting the kitchen.

-finish call, stop, breathe, 60 sec, move on.

🤍Home from work followed by dinner prep.

-walk in, get into comfy cozy’s, stop, breathe, move on.

🤍Home office work, followed by school work review with my son.

-finish work, ask Ricky to give me 1 minute before I help him, stop, breathe, move on.

You get it, right?

I am just slowing myself down.


None of us bought a ticket to come to this earth and be imorosoned by the fight or flight response.

None of us like dis-ease.

Come closer to calm.

Sit with serenity.

Connect with comfort.

It is with Gratitude that I share this with you.