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What Are You Most Fearful Of?

There are times when I am facing a tough moment, a decision, an obstacle…

I become fearful, filled with anxiety, I am constricted, my breath is held, self doubts creep.

I hear my mind go astray…

…I can’t do this.

…I am too afraid.

…I’ve never been here before.

…What if I fall?

…What if I fail?

…What if I disappoint?




We have all been here.


This is how I pull myself through these moments.


Hand on my heart.

Breathe….5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Ask myself  moment, “What am I MOST fearful of?”

I acknowledge it.


I clearly state it.


I vocalize it.

Remove it from my physical body.

Expel it.

Pull it from the swirl.

I then focus on the powerful and ACTIVATING words that will move me, inspire me, ignite me. 

I then speak the truth of what really is, to myself. Reminding myself that those other words/thoughts/fears are NOT the truth.

Those spoken words aligned with my energy neutralizes the fear/negative thought and then calls it out for the phoney it is.

Then refill that space in your mind with words infused with excitement, peace, clarity, power, faith, belief, badassesness, certainty, empowerment and all sorts of fukn awesomeness 

and then watch…