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More about Movement

In my opinion the word “exercise” in my opinion, can sound just as bad as the word “job,” in the minds of many these days. So F it. Don’t exercise. MOVE! Front, back, left, right, round and round! Get a coach, be part of a community, TRAIN. Don’t submit to the aches and pains your 8 hour desk / at home at the kitchen table job are giving you! Don’t stop doing the things that bring you joy because of you’re afraid you can’t keep up anymore! Don’t pass up the !LIVE! In LIVING. Invest in your inner and physical …

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Hot Sex?

“Say nice things about your body, dress it up and take it out. Give it hot sex, luxurious baths and massages. Move it, stretch it, nourish it, hydrate it, pay attention to it. The happier our bodies feel, the happier and more productive we are.”—Jen Sincero I knew I would grab your attention with the “hot sex” part! Let’s Break this quote down though! 1. Move 2. Stretch 3. Nourish 4. Hydrate 5. Pay attention By purposeful bringing the above 5 into our daily life we are essentially BOOSTING OUR MOOD without even trying! Move intentionally. Not just through your …

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Movement. Forever. move. everyday. Not just to our car to and from the office. And not just from our desk to the break room. And not just from our car to our couch. Move with intention, to improve, for vitality. “Exercise” is not scary. I rpomise. It’s movement that our body will thrive from. It’s giving our body what it was born for. Make time for it. Claim time for you.

Quit Sayin’ Those Things

Goals, projects, tasks, moments Life can be as easy (flowing) or as hard (a struggle filled with incessant obstacles) as the thoughts we think, the words we speak. Both are blue prints for our subconscious (our soul, our essence, our true intuitive self) and they essentially create the instruction manual for our body and mind. What do your thoughts say to you?What do your words speak? Listen in. Do you hear phrases like this? 1.”I can’t stand it.” 2.”It’s killing me.” 3.”It makes me sick” 4.”It drives me crazy.” 5.”It’s breaking me.” 6”I CAN’T EVEN.” 7. “This is gonna be …

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Living Your Truth

Today I would like to share this with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEictbQXUGw&feature=youtu.be.. Holistic Coach Meg Burton Tudman reached out to me a few weeks ago with an opportunity to do an interview/chat together. I was ecstatic as I honor and respect Meg’s devoted life work. From this invitation came this unscripted chat that is intended to encourage and empower. In this interview, I explain how if we want to take inspired actions towards a goal or way of life, we must first honestly and truthfully define exactly… What. That. Is. Meg and I discuss the onslaught of fears + distractions that can …

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Old Habit, Bad Habit, New Habit, Better Habit.

It’s so easy to point out our bad habits. Bad = not aligned with our best self. . Then we wanna create healthier habits. Healthier=aligned with our best self. . BUT, we have got to get specific about what we want to change and what we want to change it in to. . The general requests like: I want to feel better. I want to be healthy. I want to look better. We have got to bust those open. What is really under giant umbrella? . Today, I invite you to go a teeny tiny bit deeper. . Write a …

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Allow Yourself To Be Different

Allow yourself to experience what it feels like to be different. Not the same as you were. Not what you have always done. Anew. Change the story you have been telling yourself, especially if it keeps you stiff, stuck, unable. Change the story you have been telling others especially if the story keeps you hidden, masked, not fully…you. What do you believe about yourself? Well, then it’s true. What do you want to believe about yourself? Well, then it’s true. Things drastically changed for me once I got really honest with myself. Slow down for a sec. What do you …

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Our Language is Our Blueprint

Tuning up some language today. . . Waiting for a team member, I said, “take your time, I’m not going anywhere.” It had me connecting the dots of times before when I have said, “take your time, think about it, I’m not going anywhere.” . . Essentially I am offering safety and security to another so they know, that I will be here for them, at their side, when my support is needed and when they are ready. . . But words are infused with power. My words are infused with rocket fueled power and my subconscious is listening with …

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Love Letters to Yourself

Are you holding your breathe? Feeling Anxiety? . . Sometimes when I am in the middle of a workload, I find myself holding my breathe and at that time, I can feel anxiousness creeping in. My hands get a little “grippy-er,” my jaw a little tighter, my brows a bit more furrowed, my body a bit more tense. . . I am hurrying against the imaginary clock. I am running from the task police who are ready to drag me away for not moving fast enough through….. . . It’s a yucky space to be, so when I feel this …

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