What do My Mom, Pegasus and “The Rock” all have in common…

They all play a part in the origin of the GEvo wings. I just didn’t know it at first…

So, that GEvolution logo symbol…

Tell me about that..

What is that?

I have been asked this plenty.

So right here, I will share the history, creation and embodiment of the design that boldly precedes the name of our Strength Community, our “more than a gym.”

The design is actually an abstract depiction of the wings of Pegasus, the immortal white winged horse from Greek Mythology.




Memory Lane, here we come.

When I originally founded GEvolution in March of 2013, I needed a logo for the “brand.” Oooooooh so serious!  😉

So one Wednesday night in my dining room, I sat up until the wee hours of the morning creating one.

Back then, I was still under the impression that I had to figure everything out on my own.


Asking for help?

Giving the request to a professional that handles this sort go task?


So I downloaded a super cheesy program to my cpu and began to construct the first GEvolution logo.

After what seemed like an all-nighter and plenty of random snacks to calm my anxiety, one would think that the wings were born, right there!


I pretty much created a barbell and then put my gym name on it.

Like this:

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Don’t be jelly.

Original Gevolution logo:  Gevolution fitness defined.

2 years later, 2015, my husband and I joined a Mastermind with 8 other entrepreneurs across the nation. It was led by what would end up being 3 of the most influential people in my life when in came to the next stage of GEvolution.

We were in a large burnt “orange-ish” conference room in Panama City, Panama.

The room was cold and outfitted with notepads, pens and COFFEE, lots of COFFEE.

It was my turn to talk about GEvo, my mission, my vision, my numbers, my logo…

Ohhhhhh the logo.






Inside, my guts were churning, but I was fully absorbing their direction and insight, to the core. I KNEW inside of me that what they were saying WAS spot on. I knew it was time for change, for forward movement, for evolution.

The battle between ego and inner wisdom ensued.

My Ego was obliterated. 1-2 PUNCH.

My inner wisdom was aware, stimulated, on it’s feet.

After 2 years of founding and operating GEvolution, the logo I brought with me to that round table no longer embodied our brand, mission, values, anything. I am not sure if it ever did.

Although freaking LOVE barbells and spent most of my life under one, I  always felt that the strength community I wanted to build was more than the equipment we provided.




So then began the creation of the wings.

At the Mastermind, I was asked, “what do you see when you think of GEvolution and what it stands for?

There was an immediate & striking vision of Pegasus that uploaded from my heart to my brain.

The glorious winged white horse, who was set free from within Medusa after she was slayed by Perseus in Greek Mythology was blazed into my sight.

I pondered about how this beautiful, light infused creature, lived within Medusa, within her dark.

I drew a parallel to the way we as humans may perceive ourselves on the outside vs the inside.

I likened Medusa to our ego and our negative self talk and I compared Pegasus to our inner wisdom, self, soul.

The words flowed out as if I had this answer prepared for decades, but it was all on the spot.

I began sketching. Organizing my ideas. I reached out to a graphic designer and he began to create what I saw.

I requested that the design be abstract. I always wanted it to require a story, because we all…have a story.

As we were going back and forth with designs, I had the ultimate realization…

I remembered when my mom died in 2002.

Shortly thereafter I went to a Medium. (Whether to not you believe in this sort of this, does. not. matter. here) What matters is that this woman knew nothing about me or my mother.

During the reading , she kept saying that my mother was appearing behind me (she didn’t know my mother was dead) in the shape of a “a white winged horse.” She asked if that made sense to me……annnnnnnnnnd it didn’t.

Like no sense at all.

Until the ride home.

Weeks after my mom passed away, one of my brother’s kindest friends, commonly know as “The Rock,” yes, that guy…..purchased and named a star for our mom from the International Star registry…


Now….turn picture of the constellation upside down…

The GEvolution Wings…

Inverted Pegasus constellation showing the GEvolution logo of Pegasus' wings.

Embodied in that design is my deep belief that within all of us is beauty, strength and the ability to soar.

Embodied in that design is Marie LoMonaco, one of my angels…

and all the while, the logo, was creating itself.