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Massage and Body Work as Preventative Care

Who thinks of massage as preventative injury care? Who thinks of massage as self care? Who thinks of massage as sports performance efficiency? Who thinks of massage as recovery or relaxation? Who thinks of massage as “I’m broke and I need fixin’?” ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ The top 4 will take you out of the weeds of the 5th and Coach Chele Fuller can assist you with all of the above! Did you know we have a licensed massage therapist on our team? WE DO! and this is the talk around town about her: “This work is Chele’s gift. “Reviewing” or “Rating” her will not …

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10 Gains We Make When Train

Working out / Training does NOT have to be focused on what you want to lose! 10 Gains We Make When Train… 1. The Exciting Energy that comes from Proactivity. 2. Self Trust. 3. Experience. 4. Accomplished Steps Towards Your Vision. 5. Self Love. 6. SUCCESS! 7. Empowering, Aware, Supportive Thoughts. 8. Positive Language that will Inspire You & Others. 9. Acceptance & Connectedness 10. Attraction of Kinder, Passionate, Higher Vibration Humans.

It ain’t gonna happen over night….

“It ain’t gonna happen over night.” “Ya can’t build Rome in one day.” cliche, but soooooooooooooooooo correct Learn the skill.Practice the skill.Learn more about the skill.KEEP practicing the skill.Nail some.Miss some.Learn more about the skill.Practice the “more” you learned.Execute.Then practice more.Master it.Then practice more. Trust. the. process. In every facet of your life. . . ,. Forever.

All or Nothing is BS

I want take a moment to invite EVERYONE to release the dreadful, uninspiring, overwhelming, bullying “all or nothing” expectation that you are hanging over yourselves like a heavy black cloud ready to swallow you in “I told you so’s.” All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Negative.Energy. All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Unsustainable. Let’s change this approach, this idea, this ridiculous badge. Each moment is anew.A chance to choose again.One day committed or surging in another area of your life DOESN’T mean you commitment to your health just “shit the bed.”It means in the next moment, you can choose again. Go ahead and give me an example of one time that All …

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Sitting. Just. Too. Much. Sitting.

Sitting. Our human body which was Born To Move, is subject to so. much. sitting. So we develop low back pain, weak hamstrings, tight hips and a weakened core. Then it gets worse because at the end of a long day of sitting, our bodies are baked from sitting, and because we are tired, well we sit s’more. Yuck. Life in your body does NOT. Have. To. SUCK. Want to feel better for LIFE, then MOVE. Strengthen your body. Add flexibility to your body. Add stability to your joints. That will then add confidence to your Self, trust in your …

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Are We a “Strongman Gym?”

Just recently a dear friend of mine and someone who I look up to in Strongman Sport complimented our House of Blue by calling it a “Strongman Gym.” I quickly replied, “we are not a Strongman Gym.” Yes, we have plenty of Strongman equipment. Yes, we have coaches, including myself who have competed in Strongman. Yes, we excitedly host Strongman Events. Yes, we happily sponsor Strongman Events. Yes, we train team members to compete in Strongman, MANY for the first time. Yes, WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Strongman. It is however, a part of what we do here. We have created …

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Would you treat your car like that?

Go ahead, leave your car in the driveway. Abandon it. Let it lay dormant for days, weeks, months, years. Let the fluids lay stagnant.Let the battery deplete.Let the tires flatten, warp or deflate.Let the paint fade.Let the frame rust. You see where I’m going with this? That car wants to RUN!That car wants to DRIVE! So do our BODIES! MOVE TO IMPROVE! Get up. Get Active. Get Going. Get Living.

What’s with all the Warmup Stuff you DO in There?

Dynamic Warm-ups! It’s what we do! But why? ☝🏼We reduce the occurrence of muscle strains because our muscles are warmed & prepared for the work ahead. ✌🏼We increase our blood flow & lubrication to our muscles and joints, once again preparing them and igniting them for the work ahead. 👌🏼We welcome joint movement and activate our sensory receptors within our joints, muscles, and tendons to let them know, “HEY we are about to do this thang!” Movement Is the Essence of Life! Movement IS Life!

Don’t Take Compliments

I am not allowing myself to take compliments anymore. Most of the time, when I “take” compliments, I only KINDA take the one that are referring to a completion of some task, and then most of the time they still zip right over my head because for some deep, illogical reason, I don’t feel as if I am worthy of the compliment. It is a fleeting moment. There is no depth. When I am given compliments on who I am at the core, or the gifts I have been given as a human being, well then THOSE compliments go in …

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Here’s Your Permission to take a BREAK!

I’ve learned it’s okay, soooo fukn okay to take breaks. I’m tired this afternoon. There, I said it. It’s almost 2pm and I’m tired. I’ve HAPPILY & PRODUCTIVELY worked 14 hour days back to back. Have work multiple “hats” during that time, and now I’m tired. So, I’m taking a break this afternoon. And it’s okay. I have no inner voice telling me, “I’d better do this or I will fall behind,” or “I’d better do that,” or “stop being lazy,” or any of that bullshit. I have set free judgement. I have set free this asinine idea that if …

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