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Empower. Embrace. Evolve. Emerge. The Cornerstones of GEvolution.

I was at my husband’s grandparents’ camp.

It was the summer of 2014.

The sky was a radiant blue and I was sitting in a lounge chair with my phone in hand and the warm sun on my skin.

My wheels were spinning and my mind was open. My bare feet grounded on the green and a warm breeze around me.

I could feel my creativity percolating.

I wanted to capture the essence of GEvolution Fitness. I wanted to convey that what I was building meant more than a place to work out at. I wanted to give meaning to what it was built upon.

I had been thinking about it off and on for a few days, waiting for it to upload from my inner wisdom.

My cousin Chelsea sat next to me and I starting spouting out the GEvolution purpose….many words, blah. blah. blah.

followed by a, “I want people to feel empowered. I want them to accept themselves as they are and know it’s okay. I to be able to assist them in their emergence and see them evolve…

and then,





clicked its way into the notes section of my iPhone 4, effortlessly.

and then, I made 1 small switch to the order of the last 2 words.





These four words, 4 vibrationally filled words are the core values of our culture here at GEvolution Fitness.

But what meaning do they hold?

Empower Each Other.

We rise by lifting others.

Empowerment and urging each other to reclaim our power is what we need more of.

Less, submitting to negativity and comparisons.

Less putting down, tearing down, hurting, and judging each other.

More celebration. More belief in one another. More peer support.

More, community.

Embrace Your True Self

Remove the mask.

Be authentically you.

Release the feeling to become what is expected of you.

Love you, as you are.

Then any evolution intended for you can truly happen.

Just be YOU.

Evolve On Your Journey

Love your process.

Accept lovingly that every moment is an invitation, to move you closer to the greatness intended for you.

We are living.

We are evolving.

Every moment gifts us choice.

Every choice is exploration.

May every outcome serve as learning.

Emerge In Greatness

Greatness is boundless.

Greatness is limitless.

Greatness flows.

Grow into your Greatness.

Step into your Greatness.

Know within that you are worthy.

Always have been.

Whether a team member at our gym or a human navigating through life, I feel that these concepts play a huge role in rising high, believing deep, and creating an environment that facilitates community support.

These are the “CORE”nerstones of GEvolution Fitness.