Desired Outcomes

Desired outcomes.

Knowing specifically what I want and why I want it allows me to do or…. not do, the actions needed to attain those outcomes.

Without specific desired outcomes stated (given vocalization or written attention to) and visualized, I feel as if they would be unattainable. This is the part where I breathe life into my thoughts.

I see myself on the other side, within the outcome, believing in that future.

So what are my desired outcomes?

What, right now do I  want to create, manifest, architect?

  1. Remain peaceful within. Nurture my inner peace so it can remain unshaken and impermeable by narratives driven by fear. Why – by staying aligned with and nurturing my soul, my light will stay bright and therefore, when needed, can guide and support with all the power it is capable of providing. Take care and love me FIRST (this is very okay and very necessary) so I can impact humanity with that same care and love.
  1. Cultivate togetherness with a high and loving vibration at GEvolution. Continue to create a space that breeds trust, caring, and empowerment separate from politics and deep seeded 3D beliefs. Transcend this to operate above it. Steer away from the confusion. Feed souls through movement, and love. Listen. Guide toward their OWN gifted inner and ancient wisdom within. Why – to positively impact the souls residing within the human bodies that reach out to us so they too, can rise above old and limiting stories, programs, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs into the greatest and grandest and HAPPIEST version of themselves.
  1. Total Clarity and connection to my guides and angels with whom I can “hear” all around me. Call upon and trust my intuition and inner wisdom for decision-making. My intuition will not jeopardize me. Why – What I can hear can be brought to others, to those who need the message(s) the most at very specific times. A conduit.

My choices and my actions align to support these desired outcomes along the way. I know what I want, therefore when faced with a decision, will decide on what will best nurture the above.

It all starts with being HONEST with our outcomes and why. 

Then the blueprint can be designed and altered along the way. <3