Allow Yourself to be Different

Allow yourself to experience what it feels like to be different.

Not the same as you were.

Not what you have always done.


Change the story you have been telling yourself, especially if it keeps you stiff, stuck, unable.

Change the story you have been telling others especially if the story keeps you hidden, masked, not fully…you.

What do you believe about yourself?

Well, then it’s true.

What do you want to believe about yourself?

Well, then it’s true.

Things drastically changed for me once I got really honest with myself.

Slow down for a sec.

What do you want?

Breathe. Just stop for a moment and breathe.

Ask yourself.






Now listen…

What is your inner wisdom saying?

What did it whisper to you?

What picture did it create for you, painted with a brush of joy?

Did you feel that light smile? That brief lightness on your shoulders?

RIGHT BEFORE you analyzed it and laid upon it….


Do not SWAT it away, labeling it as unattainable, not feasible, ridiculous, and can never happen.

We just need to be honest with ourselves in the knowledge that desire exists.

Be hopeful. You can create it. It’s your birthright, my powerful friend, my powerful architect.

The timeline associated with your creation will depend….but from the blueprint of fruition, you are capable.

It is with gratitude that I can share this with you