Our Language is Our Blueprint

Tuning up some language today.

Waiting for a team member, I said, “Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.” It had me connecting the dots of times before when I have said, “Take your time, think about it, I’m not going anywhere.”

Essentially I am offering safety and security to another so they know, that I will be here for them, at their side, when my support is needed, and when they are ready.

But words are infused with power. My words are infused with rocket-fueled power and my subconscious is listening with the ready ears of a night creature.

I recognized that those words, “I am not going anywhere,” hold me, keep me stuck, do not speak of expansion and forward momentum. They wreak of stagnancy. They echo my dependency on an external force dictating to keep me where I am.

I am choosing to recalibrate these words.

“I am grateful for our time together and I am happy to support you.”


“Please know that I am grateful for this time. Let me know how I can support you further.”

“I am ready and I will be open to supporting you as you move towards your own readiness.”

Changing it to anything, besides stating or affirming that “I’m not going anywhere.”

Because I am ♥️