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Am I Going to Get to Flip a Tire?

Tire Flipping does not necessarily have to be reserved just professional athletes.

Everyone can reap the benefits of flipping tires to increase strength, power, sport-specific explosiveness & cardiorespiratory endurance!

Of course, proper coached form and hip mobility are necessary before hoisting one of these bad boys, but when your body is ready for it, it is an effective weapon to add to your arsenal of training methods.

Tire flipping also mimics the powerful explosion of energy that is evident in the Olympic Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

They are a versatile tool too. They can also make an excellent striking spot for sledgehammer work, landing spots for jumps and plyometric work, & are perfect anchors for advanced sit-up and pushup work.

It also feels pretty freakin’ awesome when you are flippin’ them!

REMINDER: proper form and necessary flexibility should be in place when attempting to work this movement.