Train for the LOVE of your Life.

Sometimes when we first set out on this journey of training for life, we can barely skip a rope, push-ups are our nemesis & daily aches and pains have us believing we are to be prisoners of it. 

Then we consciously choose to make the effort to stay with it.

We choose to make our training a ritual habit. 

We begin to understand that training is no longer a societal “have to,” it’s an internal & authentic WANT TO.

We learn that honoring our bodies exercise and challenged movements  makes us stronger at every layer.

It’s beautiful.

It’s an evolution

        of body, of mind, of trust.

It’s an inspiration

        to yourself, to others, to children.

One could say, “it’s just a workout,” however in my humble opinion it is much more than that.

Train for Life.

Train for the LOVE of your Life.