Quit Sayin’ Those Things

Goals, projects, tasks, moments

Life can be as easy (flowing) or as hard (a struggle filled with incessant obstacles) as the thoughts we think, the words we speak.

Both are blue prints for our subconscious (our soul, our essence, our true intuitive self) and they essentially create the instruction manual for our body and mind.

What do your thoughts say to you?What do your words speak?

Listen in.

Do you hear phrases like this?

1.”I can’t stand it.”

2.”It’s killing me.”

3.”It makes me sick”

4.”It drives me crazy.”

5.”It’s breaking me.”


7. “This is gonna be the death of me.”

These thoughts and words are creating our instruction manual for your subconscious / true self to follow.

We are leading our self….there.


These phrases are pretty common and just a few!

Listen in, team.

When you hear these phrases, what can you think/say, instead or better yet, STOP SAYING THEM. Quit! Cold Turkey!

Explode these words into smithereens!

Here are some GO-TO’s

1. I can navigate through this.

2. I will rise above this.

3. This/you isn’t/aren’t for me, I am going to make a better choice for me.

4. I don’t prefer it. I am moving on.

5. It’s tough, but my mind body and soul are capable.

6. Just DUMP this PHRASE! LMAO!!!

7. I am bringing my best every time.

It takes practice because we can default to these common down thoughts/words often.

In the beginning you may hear it a lot-BUT the more you listen in, like a trusted friend to your SELF, the easier it will be to acknowledge when it’s happening so change can occur!

Language is the path our soul leads our mind and body upon.

It is with Gratitude that I share this with you!