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New Year. New You. No Thank You.

I’m not gonna do the whole “new year, new you” thing.

Not even close.

Instead, I offer this reminder…

Every moment of every day entitles us to make our own decisions, no matter what four digits follow the month & day.

We are our present, not our past & our present decisions craft our future.

I welcome us to embrace our ability to craft that future, moment by moment.

Choose to immerse ourselves into what makes us happiest.

Choose to fill our body with nutritious fuel.

Choose to activate our bodies daily so we can experience longevity & optimal well-being.

Choose to infuse thoughts, talk & writings with positive energy.

Choose to think, speak & write about ourselves kindly.

Choose to seek out knowledge.

Choose to align ourselves with others who encourage us to rise, grow, ignite

Choose to design a life around what we are most passionate about.


Just remember, we possess the choice every moment of every day.

Wishing everyone infinite moments that propel us into a life filled with ideal health, self-love, appreciation, personal growth & whatever else we desire.