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“But what should I eat? I don’t know what to eat.”

“But what should I eat? I don’t know what to eat.”

As a trainer, one of the first & most common questions posed to me by many team members, friends, family & random in-boxers tend to ask me “what should I eat?” This question is usually fueled by aesthetic wants and I get it, totally. But before you ask that question for the aesthetic purpose, I think we all need to step up a bit in our consumer …right to know what is IN the foods we are eating. Not just what’s in McDonalds, because all we know what is in that shit, but everything. From the colorful produce that adorns our salads to the feed the animals we eat, are fed.
Since I had been told that I had Epstein Barr back in early June and a full blown 10 week case of a flare up, my husband and I started to delve more into WHAT was going into our bodies & how we could proactively keep ourselves healthy.


Not just “read a label” or “that’s what they say” education, but question asking education. With that being said, I would like to recommend some books & movies that have ignited our desire to completely change our nutritional intake & our almost 3 year old son, Ricky’s nutritional intake for the sake of overall health, longevity & to hopefully safeguard our family from the countless diseases that run rampant across this country, namely cancer. In addition, we have learned much about the TRUE importance of shop local, eat local, support local. In all honesty, it makes you feel DAMN FUKN GOOD, to know what you are putting into your body is not only REAL food, but it is supporting hard working families who are also passionate about their career – namely agriculture/farming. Your body legitimately feels different.

PLEASE when you have some time, read the following books or download them as audio:

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Michael Pollan
In Defense of Food: Michael Pollan

I am not asking you to take what they say and make it your new religion, all I am asking is to think about it, ask your own questions……

We all need to realize that all the marketing, overstimulation, technology, race towards skinny, multiple remakes of Superhero movies to be BIGGER, BADDER, FASTER, FLASHIER, LOUDER, etc are BLINDING us to what is going on at the core of this country.

It is time to be genuinely proactive about our well-being and it not just at the gym that this takes place.