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Thoughts & Words. Strength or Weakness.

Behavior Kinesiology

Behavior Kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology (the study of human movement) that studies how thinking directly impacts our physical body, stress symptoms & the effects on our immune system.  Behavioral kinesiology helps us to determine if we are carrying old limiting beliefs that are continually self-sabotaging.

With that being said, words are very powerful. So powerful, that even multiple tests performed in the field of  Behavior Kinesiology, have found consistent links between self-sabotaging thoughts & negative speech and increased or decreased strength and/or our output from our muscles.

Dr. John Diamond, the founder of Behavior Kinesiology noted that “muscles get stronger or weaker depending on whether the subject was presented with positive or negative stimuli.  Even more surprising, it didn’t need to be physical stimuli, like seeing something happen or feeling something in your body. Even emotional states and thoughts trigger the strength-or-weakness response.”

Words are the voice of our thoughts and when we speak those words, we are giving our thoughts even more power, good OR bad.

Listen to what you are saying when you speak. Be mindful of what you think and say. Have full awareness of the speech you use to & about yourself.

Are you self-sabotaging your potential with hateful words about yourself? Do you even subtly put yourself down?

Let’s take a workout session for example. Are you standing in front of a weight, a new body movement, an increased time challenge thinking or saying, “oh my god,” “I can’t do this,” “ugh, this is gonna be hard,” etc?  Thoughts & words like that are ENOUGH to halt your ability to see it through. 

FLIP that thinking

“I can do this, ” “I have the power to do this, ” “I intend to get this done!”

The positive stroke of those words igniting the currents within your body will aid you in DOING YOUR BEST!!!

This is to be said about anything in our lives. Go ahead, try it any time you are faced with a daunting moment or task. Even if you do not nail it, you will walk away from it knowing, really knowing that you DID (not tried) YOUR BEST!

It takes practice to master but will be well worth the mastery.

The Seven Day Mental Diet, a 28-page book, will help us on our journey. I have already ordered a copy from Amazon!

Once again,

Listen to what you are saying when you speak. Be mindful of what you think and say. Have full awareness of the speech you use about yourself. When you catch yourself thinking or speaking negatively, immediately think and say the polar opposite of it and continue to repeat it until you feel it.

Our thoughts and words are setting the stage for our bodies.