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your mind is a brilliant fuck you upper.

What does that title even mean?

Well, it’s brilliant and it’s brilliance in negotiation tactics, can, well, fuck us up.

Lemme show ya.

Even as a child develops, as parents we are taught to explain “why” we have asked a child to do something or ‘why” these are the steps involved in doing it. This way, the child connects with the task/learning at hand and has a much better chance of seeing it through….


Today I invite you to revisit YOUR why.

Why do you workout? train? have a membership at our gym?
I was saying this morning as I was coaching classes that, this winter time of the year, most especially in the NorthEast can be brutal. It’s Cold (it’s actually 1 fuck.ing degree today, 1.) The daylight is limited. The blankets seem cozier. There’s plenty of ice to chip off our windshields, yada yada….

Long story short, it feels easier to disappear into the excuses above when our gym clock is signaling.

I’ll show you right here, right now how not to disappear.

so, F That.

Connect with your why.

Combat with your why.

Lemme show you, again:

Your alarm clock goes off for morning training. 4am/5am/6am/8am, whenever. our eyes pop open, and quite possibly the negotiations begin. (ya know them: “just . a few more minutes, just a few more, zonked, miss class) Instead of letting the negotiations win, ENTER YOUR WHY. Combat the quick fix negotiation with your WHY.

There are distinct reasons why you train.

Rediscover them. Write them down,. Say them out loud.

Negotiations happening in the whispers of your thoughts. Say your why out loud. You don’t have to wake up everyone or every pet in your house, here. Just vocalize your why. With that quick reminder, your body will literally FEEL the exuberance that comes with achieving your Why.

The same goes for WHATEVER time is training time. Afternoon? Evening? the negotiations will happen.

Write your why down. Read it on the daily. It may change as time goes on.

My why, when it came to training changes drastically through the years. As I evolved, my Why evolved. Yours will too!

Determine your Why and experience your motivation soar. Connect with your why and your ACTION will soar!

The last tip i’m gonna give ya is this:

Find out your REAL WHY.

Sometimes it’s hidden. It’s beneath the generic, “i wanna lose weight.” Fine, but….WHY? It can be beneath THIS generic too, “i wanna be healthy. I don’t wanna feel like this anymore.” Fine, but WHY?

Just be honest with yourself.

this is my inspiration thru experience.

with gratitude,