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“That’s Quite a Get-Up You’ve Got There…”

A white haired gentlemen was seated in the waiting room at the spa. He and his wife were color coordinated, like something adorable right out of an LL Bean catalogue.

He sat with her as she waited for her pedicure throne to be ready.

I had just finished my manicure.

I was wearing a pair of workout shorts, my injured and atrophied leg, bare.  I turned right from my chair, retrieved my “she’s half robot, half woman” knee brace from my manicurist, relocated my seated position to the floor and proceeded to buckle up and in.

Clasps 1-5 snapped, velcro pulled, velcro pulled a little tighter, leg completely secured and immobilized.

RoboGina initiate.

I leaned my bodyweight slightly onto my working leg and proceeded to stand up unassisted.

“That’s quite a get-up you’ve got there young lady, I’d still be flailing on the floor,” he said through the breath of his chuckle.

I laughed at his wit, appreciated him for his compliment and thought to myself, thank goodness I CAN get up like that.

On my ride home I started to think deeply about those who sustain injury that are not fit, de-conditioned or haven’t trained their body for life.

I found myself grateful for having lived an active life so far and found myself drifting away in thought about those who have not.

It has been almost 4 weeks since my left knee injury.

Torn ACL.

Torn MCL.

Torn Medial meniscus.

Torn Lateral meniscus.

Adductor (inner thigh) tearing.

Soleus (muscle in claves) tearing.

Now, muscle atrophy in my quads, hamstrings and calf.

Swelling still persists and 90 degree flexion at my knee is my goal.

Since my injury, the speed of my life has been greatly slowed. Common everyday tasks require a few extra “steps.”  I have become quite reliant on the strength of the right side of my body. My squats have gone to “leg lifts.” I use my upper body to support me whenever it must, especially when I was on my crutches. The overworked bottom of my right foot requires more self care attention. Focused body awareness is a must so I can detect any posture compensations & combat them. I use the balance I have to help me navigate through once easy walking paths.

Long story short, the ease of my fully functioning, uninjured body has now been compromised and the rest of my able body has been called upon to work overtime….and thank goodness it can.

Working out is a funny thing.

Our physical body is born to move.

Movement IS the essence of life.

Meanwhile many folks find themselves desk working themselves to death and/or submitting to a life of “the sit.”

“Working out” is construed as this daunting task used to “battle the bulge,’ or just another “thing I have to do.” It’s this “point” in people lives, a wall, a slap upside the head, that they smash into when they “wake” and realized they let themselves go.

NOOOOOOOW, it’s time to “do something” about it. NOOOOOOOOW, I’ve gotta get rid of this stomach….

Aesthetics, Aesthetics. Aesthetics.

Honoring our bodies and training our bodies for the EVENT OF LIFE is pertinent.  Changing the focus from “how I look,” to ‘how I function,” will not only give you the aesthetically pleasing look you desire as a bonus byproduct but it will protect you during your life and give you overall health.

An injury like the one I have sustained given to a someone who has not cared, challenged & strengthened their physical body sets them up for a laundry list of other injuries, accidents because of their injuries and an endless list of hospital and physical therapy bills.

Training for life, staying active, and prioritizing our physical health can make a situation like mine doable. It can be the difference between a one time injury or the beginning of premature body breakdown.

Had I not been the strong and healthy individual I am, who knows how much worse my injury could have been or how much worse I could be right now.

The blessing was built within my body and its years of allowing it to thrive as it is meant to on this physical plane.

Stop letting everything get in the way of you taking care of your body.

Stop sacrificing your body, your GIFT, because of laziness.

and in the same breath,

Stop sacrificing your body, your GIFT, because you are “too busy to work out.”

Take a look at where you are now.

Aches? Pains? “I don’t have good balance.” “My this hurts and now my this hurts.” “I have gained alot of weight.” etc.

Thats your body, your GIFT, begging you in its only language to pay attention to it, begging you to let it thrive.

Train for Life.

Honor your Body.

Love Healthy.

Don’t “still be flailing on the floor.”