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Wrestlemania and Trust

I look back to April 2018.

My brother was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and we had tickets to Wrestlemania.

As I sat in my seat, I peered at the venue.

I peeked the steel cables hung from the ceiling holding the intricate light sets up.

I observed how the stage was comprised of many smaller pieces put together like a puzzle.

I checked out the row of computers being manned & controlling the lighting patterns.

I experienced timed fireworks and pyro.

I saw MANY camera people.

I noticed people-less cameras being moved on pulleys.

I heard perfectly timed music.

I watched the sport performers enter with fist pumps and all sorts of body pops timed at the moment the fire shot from the stage.

My point.

There is someone, making every bit of it happen.

EVERYone, from the person who drives the 18 wheeler filled with it all, to each department head, to every stagehand, wrestler, production partner, right up to the President of the company.

They are all intricately intertwined creating something magnificent that they all believe in, while standing upon ONE solid foundation.

What makes up the foundation?


They TRUST each other. They trust that each person in front, beside and behind them are bringing their best in alignment with what their job calls for, so they can focus on their best.

It’s absolutely magnificent to watch all the gears jive.

So smooth.

One assisting the next one to the next one until the show is bursting seamlessly with awesome.

It takes a team.

I trust my team.

I am thankful as we uniquely and excellently move the GEvo gears to share with our community our vision.