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re-build from injury, tragedy, trauma

I deeply believe in process.

I deeply believe in trusting it.

Knowing that each step we take can be towards a build or a re-build.

from injury.
from tragedy.
from trauma.

I believe that if we want to truly experience a healing for ourselves, we can.

We just have to abide by and trust the process, sometimes with patience we never even knew was possible.

It may take an additional investment of time, money, discipline, guidance, but it can and will happen.

In this era of one-click satisfaction and google seconds, we are becoming heavily conditioned for shortcuts, quickness, and easy frustration, I urge anyone and everyone who has a passion to just keep going.

When it seems like it’s just too damn hard, so out of reach…that is our invitation to step up.
When we allow the frustration to creep in, F*kn be aware of it and realize it is too, is an invitation to step up.

Every moment holds an opportunity for progress.

Every lil’ bit matters.