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Smile. On Purpose.

I am going to purposefully smile more. It feels good, like real good – even in the most tense of moments.

I found a huge batch of photos and picked them with Ricky a few nights ago. Pics from high school, pics from college, pics from my 20’s.

“Mommy is that you?” Ricky said pointing to me with my once long blonde hair. “Yeeeep.” I said time and time again.

After a few more pictures, I lost his attention to some wrestling magazines I had saved because my brother was on the cover. His focus was now on that of Andre the Giant and the 2 page splash of Trish Stratus.

But I digress.

I kept looking through my pics and thought to myself, these pictures are really great, gosh, what is about these picture that have me so incredibly looped in to this moment?

It was my smile.

I was always smiling.

Just a stupid, fun, natural smile.

All teeth.

Tongue peeking out from my tiny overbite.

No matter,

Long hair, short hair, blond hair, red hair,

I was smiling.

Where did that go girl?

I have found myself very “serious” for the past couple of years.

Responsibilities. Reality. Roles.

Forage ahead.

Task complete.

Task complete.

Task complete.

Sometimes I feel the serious on my face.


It’s like I am trapped in a wax museum beneath the wax. I just want to break through it.

So even in my most tense moments, my most thoughtful, my most intense, my most focused,

I’m just gonna smile more.

I’m just gonna smile.

It feels…good.

It feel better.

Try it 😊