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Start Your Day by Reminding Yourself About How Fuck.ing Awesome You Really Are.

Start your day by reminding yourself how fucking awesome you really are. Like make it the FIRST thing you do!

These days I am saying affirmations first thing in the morning instead of in the middle of the day.

I used to pick a time in the middle of the day to meditate or just go into silence in a room in my house I have specifically designed for just chillin. I’d read and say affirmations in there. But half of the day had already happened so it felt like o was trying to “reset,” or neutralize and shitty thinking I may have had before that time.

I say affirmations, you think Stuart Smiley, right? Well, maybe if you were from my Saturday Night Live Era.

On Christmas Eve, 2 of my closest friends gifted me books. I fukn Love books. Both books tho, had a daily read. Wake up, read a passage. Next day, do the same. I felt there was a message there seeing as though they both bought me a book with the “read this once a day,” thing going on, so I decided to bring this into a morning practice for myself.

I had since listed a few new affirmations for my own calm, healing, belief in myself, guidance, etc.

My new change. Wake. Read a small daily passage from the books my friend gave me. Read my affirmations, out loud (no, not shouting them from a mountain top, but vocalizing them, giving them life, giving them vibe……ration. (Vibration) it’s then that they come alive.

Removing this: alarm clock, snooze, alarm clock, get up get dressed for work get out AND alarm clock, snooze, alarm clock, pick up phone check emails, texts.

Fuck that! ⬆️ ugh horrible. Awful way to set the tone.

Now, just like a workout may set the energetic tone for people when they GET.IT.DONE first thing in the morning, my affirmations set the tone for me and give me touch bases to come right back to when anything starts to get me doubting myself.

It makes me feel like I have my own support system right within me, cheering me on when I need it and overthrowing the negative shitshow I’d thought that at times want to take center stage.

So now. Wake. Read. Affirmations out loud. Set the tone.

Begin day.

It’s not some huge discovery either. Some of THE most successful (and successful doesn’t always mean in business) people in the world have morning practices like this.

I am just making a little change to Adopt it into my world and support my happy.

Try it. 😊