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Here’s Your Permission to take a BREAK!

I’ve learned it’s okay, soooo fukn okay to take breaks.

I’m tired this afternoon. There, I said it. It’s almost 2 pm and I’m tired. I’ve HAPPILY & PRODUCTIVELY worked 14 hour days back to back. Have work multiple “hats” during that time, and now I’m tired.


I’m taking a break this afternoon.

And it’s okay.

I have no inner voice telling me, “I’d better do this or I will fall behind,” or “I’d better do that,” or “stop being lazy,” or any of that bullshit.

I have set free judgment.

I have set free this asinine idea that if I sit still or If I create some peace that I am wasting time.

Instead, I know that if I want to continue to be HAPPY & PRODUCTIVE in my life, in my marriage, in my motherhood, in my friendships, and in my business, I need breaks, re-charges, rejuvenations, disconnects, meditations….naps even!

Trying to PUSH my way through my obvious awareness that I need a break only breeds resentment, exhaustion, illness, detachment, and poor performance 😉😉😉if ya know what I mean, in the long run.

Ok, I meant work performance…

Didn’t I?

Okay moving on.

I’ve been there.

Resentful. Exhausted. Ill. Detached.

Don’t like it.

Became aware.


Changed that part of my life/thinking.

I’ve nothing to prove.

Fireworks aren’t being set off for me when I don’t take breaks, if anything I’m burning my fuse towards a dud.

I don’t like being a dud.

I didn’t need a break the last few days.

Today I do.

So, I will honor what my body, my gift, is asking for and give back to it.

It gives me plenty, the least I can do is honor it.

Try it…😊