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Living in Abundance! GAINS BABY!!

Recognizing gains instead of losses.

It’s this thing I’ve been doing that helps me to remain in an attitude of gratitude as opposed to FREEEEEEAKIN’ Out because I think that time is running out, our money is gonna run out, our whatever is gonna deplete.

It’s that scarcity mindset. That fear that, if I do this, or say yes to this, then I won’t have enough of “something” when the NEXT cool thing or even day comes along.

It’s been helping me make decisions not from that standpoint. I focus on what the gain is from my action, or non action.

Kinda like this:

When payment is taken from my account for my mortgage, I am grateful for my home.

When payroll is higher, I am grateful for the extra time to bring my gifts to the world.

When I write rent checks, I am grateful for the home space that my business thrives In.

When I decline an invitation to a night out with friends, I am grateful for the peaceful and/or family time recharge.

When I say YES to an invitation, I am grateful for friends and fun adulting!

When my car, electric, water payments are deducted, I am reminded that I have those luxuries.

When a friendship disintegrates, I am grateful for what I can learn from the disintegration.

When I run my card at my therapist office, I am grateful for clarity and support.

When my son comes into my room while I’m writing, with my chimes instrument and says can we play these, I am grateful for the pause and time together.

When our marriage was at the brink, WE gained strength, understanding, deeper connection.

When a soul is devious with me, a new space opens up for a trustworthy one.

It’s perspective.

It’s shifting.

It allows me to live in a state of abundance.

In other words, i just feel like there’s always plenty!

It’s practice. Oh hell yeah it’s a practice.

The more I do it, the more I notice when I’m being a dick or when I am making decisions out of being fearful, so it’s easier to reel myself back in! OFY!

Try it…😊