An Ice Man. Fuel Oil and…GEvolution

Growing up, I had a best friend.

His name was Leon Vitucci, my grandpa or my mom’s dad.

Up until he passed away in 1989, that guy was the person I wanted to do everything with.

The park, watering the lawn, sweeping the curb, play chess, get Carvel with, go to Dunkin Donuts with, cross any bridge in NYC with, say Latin prayers with…you get what I’m saying.

Well, grandpa in the 1930’s was an Ice man. An immigrant from Bari, Italy, Leon would make he rounds in New York delivering ice for iceboxes, long before the electric domestic refrigerator ever existed. Days were long, Holidays were spent mostly working and he labored hard, driving his little truck around town.

This was his business. He created it.

He grew his business and then chose to put his income towards creating a home heating and oil company.

Vico Utilities was born.

“Vico,” short for Vitucci Company was a Brooklyn, NY-based Mom and Pop Oil Company.

As my mom and uncles grew up, they grew into the company, working alongside my grandpa and then soon taking the lead for him as he grew older and spent more time at Carvel and Dunkin donuts…with me. 🙂

Then my dad arrived and he too, joined Vico, building business relationships throughout the city.

My mom may have forgotten things at the grocery store and misplaced her keys many times, BUT at any given moment she could rattle off the address and oil tank size of ANY name on their customer list. She could probably tell you their spouses name and favorite restaurant too.

Customers were real people and she brought genuine human interaction and respect to everyone she dealt with.

Until the day they died, my parents were mom and pop business owners.

Actually, almost my entire family owned their own businesses or pursued personal dreams.

Throughout my life, I experienced my family members working passionately on their own businesses and building their dreams for themselves, for their children.

GEvolution Fitness follows in the footsteps of my grandpa, mom, dad, and my uncles and cousins on both side of my family.

GEvolution is a family owned and operated business.

From Founder to Co-Owner, to every Coach we have alongside us. We are Family,

I am thankful for the inspiration those before me provided, giving me the feeling of CAN DO when it came to opening our doors.