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Check out our Class Schedule!

Check out our Class Schedule!

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Professionally Certified Fitness Coaches

Our FItness Coaches are certified professionals who strive to educate, motivate and keep you accountable. We recognize that you are passionate about you health and/or athletic ability and we want to guide you towards accomplishing all you desire for your body & mind.
  • Testimonial

    Gina LoMonaco

    NASM CPT, CES, FNS, WLS, USAW L1 Sport Performance Coach

    About Gina LoMonaco


    Founder of GEvolution Fitness, LLC

    National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

    National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialist

    National Academy of Sports Medicine, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

    USA Weightlifting Level One Sports Performance Coach

    USA Weightlifting Certified Club Coach

    Maine's Strongest Woman 2015

    North American Strong(wo)man National Qualifier 2015

    North American Strong(wo)man National Qualifier 2016

    Former World & Nationally Ranked Discus Thrower, U.S.A. Track & Field

    2004 Olympic Trials Competitor

    Former NCAA Division I Men & Women's Assistant Track & Field Coach - St. John's University


  • Testimonial

    Richard Mansir

    NASM CPT, PES, FNS, USAW L1 Sport Performance Coach

    About Richard Mansir

    Qualifications & Education:

    National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

    National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

    USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

    Specializing In:

    Student Athlete Sports Performance Training, Private, Semi-Private  & Small Group Strength Training.

    Sport Specific Training including, but not limited to Motocross, Hockey, Skiing, Lacrosse & Soccer.

    As co-owner of GEvolution Fitness, Richard also takes pride in training team members and is passionate about

    taking them to the next physically prepared level, in life or in sport.

  • Testimonial

    Jill Rancourt

    BS in Exercise Science: Pre-Pro Therapy, ACSM-CPT, Precision Nurtrition Level 1 Coach, Eat To Perform Level 2 Body Recomp. Specialist, NASM FNS, SFS, USAW L1 Sport Performance Coach

    About Jill Rancourt

    Jill's passion for coaching boils down to a very simple concept; Live each day better than the last. "Everyone deserves to move through his or her day with less aches and pains. Everyone deserves to live independently for longer periods. Everyone deserves to have better balance. You deserve nothing less than your best effort every waking moment of your day. My goal is to make that happen. It takes work, and yes, it's both challenging and humbling at times, but you're worth it!"  
  • Testimonial

    Chele’ Fuller

    NASM-CPT, WLS, FNS, YES, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

    About Chele’ Fuller

    I have many "letters" after my name; in fact I now have more after it than IN IT. Does that mean I am the best coach to support you?  NO. What makes me who I am, and ultimately good at what I do, is my heart. I am passionate, caring and absolutely committed to supporting people on their own health journeys. Those letters?  They are the credentials I’ve earned while gathering as much knowledge possible, helping people like you make lasting life changes. I won’t tell you it is easy. The reality is that achieving our goals is met with several challenges along the way and as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer I have a great toolbox to guide you along the way!    

Here is What Our Team Members are Saying about GEvolution FItness.

  • Testimonial

    Lane Shorey

    Lane Shorey, Team GEvo Member

    My experience at GEvolution has been great. I started off there in the hopes to build my body back into shape after a couple bad injuries. We immediately got to work on the areas that i needed work in the most, as well as the rest of my body to gain balance and equalize everything again. After a lot of hard work, I personally feel we were able to accomplish that and more. I still continue to work with GEvolution to maintain health and prepare for the upcoming motocross season. I'm very confident and look forward to working with them through the seasons to come.

  • Testimonial

    Melissa Michaud

    Melissa Michaud, Team Gevo Member

    From my very first workout at GEvolution Fitness, I was hooked!  The workouts are challenging every single time and the atmosphere is positive and upbeat.  Everyone fits in at GEvolution because Gina has carefully cultivated an atmosphere where women support and empower one another.  GEvolution Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and conscientious, always paying attention to and instructing about proper form to prevent injury and maximize the effectiveness of an exercise. When I leave a GEvolution workout, I feel strong and uplifted and I can't wait for the next one!

  • Testimonial

    Aaron Stred

    Aaron Stred, Team GEvo Member

    It is not so frequent that you meet a couple who are suited through personality and fitness, that they can impact you in those same ways. Rick and Gina have created an environment where their passion translates very well into your own personal well-being and fitness. "Bravo"!

  • Testimonial


    Barbara Hiltz, Team GEvo Member

    Since joining the GEvolution team, I have become stronger in body, mind and soul. It's not just an exercise routine, it's a way of life. GEvolution has inspired me to maximize my training and remain positive in all life endeavors. I look forward to every new workout and inspiring post on Facebook. Most importantly, I treasure my relationships with GEvolution members and feel honored to workout with so many dedicated, strong woman.

  • Testimonial

    Paul Doody

    Paul Doody, Team GEvo Member

    I have had a few times in life where I was forced to exercise, Marine Corps and the Police Academy. But I never enjoyed it. I was very skeptical about joining a gym. But going to GEvolution was the best thing for me. I started off at a pace that worked for me. Now I enjoy the exercise and the sense of accomplishment that GEvolution has given me. Rick always does a great job motivating me. There is not other gym I'd go to, and I get a free membership to another gym through work!

  • Kara

    Kara Walker, GEvo Team Member

    I've been athletic all my life, heck, my athleticism paid for my college education. But somewhere along the line I lost the spark and drive towards fitness. GEvolution Fitness gave me back that spark. With their help, I've been inspired to push my body in ways that I never have before. I felt fit and sexy for my wedding and with the support I find in my workout group; I'll always feel that way.

  • Testimonial


    Seth Hebert, Team GEvo Member

    GEvolution Fitness has provided me an opportunity after years of training, to break out of the traditional lifting mold and limitations. I moved away from the confinements of "gym strength" to that of functional strength. It's given me the opportunity to combine cardiovascular work with strength work, resulting in complete body fitness and real life applicable strength and power.

  • Testimonial

    Melissa Doody

    Melissa Doody, Team GEvo Member

    In the nearly two years of working with the fitness coaches at GEvolution Fitness, the changes in myself have been tremendous. I feel like I am now the person I was always meant to be.  Overcoming injury, correcting dysfunction,  gaining strength and confidence are just a few of my personal testiments. GEvolution is not just a gym or personal training; it is a spirit, an energy, a lifestyle.  I can't imagine my life now without it!

  • Testimonial


    Amanda Heckerd, Team GEvo Member

    All I wanted was to feel comfortable in my own skin again.  What I have gained over the last couple of years at GEvolution Fitness  is that and so much more. Gina and Rick have helped me become stronger in every aspect of my life.

  • Testimonial


    Anna Boucher, Team GEvo Member

    I am 100% in love with the energy and drive that GEvolution provides me with.  I have always had a passion for working out and Gevolution is forever challenging me.  ♡    

  • Testimonial


    Jill Rancourt, Team GEvo Member

    I came to GEvolution Fitness a little wary of the group training atmosphere as I prefer to workout on my own. I knew I needed some motivation to get back in gear for regular workouts, so I signed up anyway. Since starting with the group, I have cut 1:32 off my fastest 5k time, my IT band pain has totally disappeared, and I'm lifting heavier than I ever have before!

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