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Ya Don’t Wanna Get Smacked in the Face by Yo Mama.

It was definitely a winter morning. I was 14 years old sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car, which at that time still had a cassette player in the dashboard.

I put a rap tape on and started working my head bob. My Italian mom wasn’t a big rap music fan at the time, or for that matter, any time….ever.

After about 2 songs, my mother in typical Marie fashion, said, “Please!! Take this off, it’s slicing into my brain.” (haha! So dramatic!)

So, I boldly ejected the tape from the player with an “attitude.” Yeah, I snatched it right out. I was grumpy & made sure she heard my giant sigh of discontent.

So like many old school Italian mothers would do, she backhanded me right across my mouth, faster than I could blink an eye. Within one second of planting her right hand against my snotty little face, she had it right back on the steering wheel at the proper 2pm position.

Why exactly did she lay one on me? Well, as far as she was concerned, I pulled that tape out of the cassette player with “attitude” and NOT a very nice one. Granted, these days that might not be grounds for a shot across the mouth, but those days, as an Italian daughter from Long Island – it was pretty much, well, expected – especially when you disrespected your parents.

We have heard that “Attitude is everything.” That day my attitude dripped of rudeness, obnoxious body language and overall negative demeanor and my mom FELT it!

‘People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.” – John C. Maxwell

So why am I taking you on this short, descriptive excursion down memory lane with me?

Simple.  Although I certainly didn’t realize it then, my feisty mom taught me an invaluable lesson that day and now I want to share with you.

Our demeanor, our actions, our body language, our energy are powerful presentations of our Self and a magnet for what we draw INTO our lives.

In daily life: When you walk around visibly or internally angry, annoyed, disgruntled and focused on what is “wrong,” for sure that is what will continue to occupy your life. Friends, family and possible new connections will run from you as if you were a burning building.

Instead, practice some positive self-talk during those times when you feel like your attitude is going to SHIT because of some challenges you may be facing.  Yeah, that’s right, flood your amazing fukn soul with your own POSITIVE thoughts and words. It ain’t cheezy. It’s an actual real life practice that WILL help you gain clarity and give you a nice self-esteem boost!

I love the quote, “Every Day In Every Way, I Am Getting Better,” from Brian Tracy. Whenever I am getting into my own head or noticing that I am letting challenges take me over. I IMMERSE myself into that quote, saying it over and over again to myself. Sometimes I say it out loud.

Time after time, I will FLIP shitty energy with that quote.

During Workouts: Did you expect me to not connect this to training? Then you don’t know me well enough just yet…

If you approach your workouts with excuses, laziness, and a dull hearted attitude, it will not only waste your time but it will distance you further and further from your desired accomplishments. You will NOT improve.

Instead, consistently approach your workouts with a gutsy, powerful, capable, “I want to be here,” attitude and it will yield you remarkable progress towards your results. You WILL get stronger, leaner, faster, _______________(insert your desired accomplishment here)

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill

Don’t wait for an angry Italian lady to backhand you across the mouth to change your attitude.J

With Gratitude, Strength and Light,


PS: Check out “The 7 Day Mental Diet” by Emmet Fox. It might be the best $2.99 you ever spent!