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Wrench it, Put it outta whack, Get a kink, Fuck it up.

“I did something god-awful to my back and I’m having these recurring back spasms that are DRIVING ME CRAZY.”

Have you said it before? Have you heard it?
It happens at the silliest moments…..putting on a seatbelt,  carrying our children, “sleeping wrong,” and  sex, YES, I just said SEX.

We “wrench our back,” “put it outta whack,” “get a kink,” “fuck it up.”

What are we doing, on a regular basis to prevent these moments?
What are we doing on a regular basis to give our physical body the strength & flexibility it needs to move efficiently?

Most of our daily, routine tasks are not making our body any stronger, flexible, balanced or mobile. If anything, these adapted, monotonous movements are adding to our wear and tear.

Sitting at our desks.
and on and on……

Without proper body control, strength & flexibility, we could be participating in dysfunctional movement patterns which may disturb our efficient chain of movement.  With each inaccurate repetitive motion, we are slowly destroying our foundation. Think about what happens when your drive with misaligned tires……After a while, your car is shaking violently, becomes unstable and eventually, the corresponding parts wear down. Our vehicle (our body) responds similarly.

Form does not just matter in the gym.

The Point.

Training to increase strength, flexibility, balance & mobility with knowledgeable professional coaches & fitness trainers will help you dramatically improve your body control and awareness.  We are then more apt to use a better functional form when participating in ANY activity. We begin to take more pride in our movements. We begin to take more pride in our vehicle.

Adding a YOU specific training program to your current lifestyle can be viewed as providing an excellent environment for your body to thrive & will reduce the amount of times you’re in “god -awful” pain spawned from a common movement.

oh…and your sex-life? that gets better too 😉 😉 😉