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It ain’t gonna happen over night….

“It ain’t gonna happen over night.” “Ya can’t build Rome in one day.” cliche, but soooooooooooooooooo correct Learn the skill.Practice the skill.Learn more about the skill.KEEP practicing the skill.Nail some.Miss some.Learn more about the skill.Practice the “more” you learned.Execute.Then practice more.Master it.Then practice more. Trust. the. process. In every facet of your life. . . ,. Forever.

You’re NOT Alone.

I am going to ask for help, with everything that I need help with, with no criticism of myself. Whatever I am going through, I’m not alone. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. But sometimes everyone feels “so alone,” in this crazy world and from my experience I have to believe that we are almost afraid to reach out. What if the person(s) ask think we are inadequate??? Well, they won’t. One of my coaches taught me this-never steal anyone’s chance to be needed. So, in those times when I feel like I am alone or can’t …

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Pencils Rule

I am going to write in pencil more often. Flow. Flexibility. The more I go with the flow and the more flexible I am through the twists and turns of a day, the calmer, more centered I feel. The less rigid I am the happier I am. Pencils make me feel like if I have to make a change, I don’t have to scribble out the change or cross it out with a big sloppy “X.” Pencils make me feel like if I have a cancellation, it’s okay, because I can just erase it. No white out, no more ink. …

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