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You’re NOT Alone.

I am going to ask for help, with everything that I need help with, with no criticism of myself. Whatever I am going through, I’m not alone. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. But sometimes everyone feels “so alone,” in this crazy world and from my experience I have to believe that we are almost afraid to reach out. What if the person(s) ask think we are inadequate??? Well, they won’t. One of my coaches taught me this-never steal anyone’s chance to be needed. So, in those times when I feel like I am alone or can’t …

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New Year. New You. No Thank You.

I’m not gonna do the whole “new year, new you” thing. Not even close. Instead, I offer this reminder… Every moment of every day entitles us to make our own decisions, no matter what four digits follow the month & day. We are our present, not our past & our present decisions craft our future. I welcome us to embrace our ability to craft that future, moment by moment. Choose to immerse ourselves into what makes us happiest. Choose to fill our body with nutritious fuel. Choose to activate our bodies daily so we can experience longevity & optimal well-being. …

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