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Thoughts & Words. Strength or Weakness.

Behavior Kinesiology Behavior Kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology (the study of human movement) that studies how thinking directly impacts our physical body, stress symptoms & the effects on our immune system.  Behavioral kinesiology helps us to determine if we are carrying old limiting beliefs that are continually self-sabotaging. With that being said, words are very powerful. So powerful, that even multiple tests performed in the field of  Behavior Kinesiology, have found consistent links between self-sabotaging thoughts & negative speech and increased or decreased strength and/or our output from our muscles. Dr. John Diamond, the founder of Behavior Kinesiology noted that “muscles get stronger or weaker depending …

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Puzzles. I used to always do them as a child, especially with my grandma. She was the queen of puzzles. I would sit alongside of her for hours in her house in Queens, NY with 1,000 pieces of “whoa” laid out before us on a cutting board the size of a stovetop.  As we would devote our focus and patiently search for the right pieces, we would eventually get into a groove and exceptionally beautiful pictures of landscapes, homes, horses, kittens, cities, etc. would start to emerge. Once we were in that groove, we just couldn’t stop. We were dialed in. We looked forward …

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Kim’s Ass or Jen’s Arms. Neither.

How many times have we seen the titles, “Have Legs Like These,” “So & SO’s Ab Routine,” “Get This Person’s Ass,” “Tighten and Tone, just Like (insert A-List Airbrushed Celeb’s Name Here)” It’s everywhere. Magazines, Billboards, TV, Internet, Radio, Social Media Ads! AHH! It is no wonder why many of us lose sight of our “self.”  It is because we are being heavily bombarded by information telling us, we should want to look “like this.”  I couldn’t possibly say how many times, as a personal trainer and coach that when I ask a new client what their Fitness Vision is, I am met …

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