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Empower. Embrace. Evolve. Emerge. The Cornerstones of GEvolution.

I was at my husbands grand parents camp. It was the summer of 2014. The sky was a radiant blue and I was sitting in a lounge chair with my phone in hand and the warm sun on my skin. My wheels were spinning and my mind was open. My bare feet grounded on the green and a warm breeze around me. I could feel my creativity percolating. I wanted to capture the essence of GEvolution Fitness. I wanted to convey that what I was building meant more than a place to workout at. I wanted to give meaning to …

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re-build from injury, tragedy, trauma

I deeply believe in process. I deeply believe in trusting it. Knowing that each step we take can be towards a build or a re-build. from injury.from tragedy.from trauma. I believe that if we want to truly experience a healing for ourselves, we can. We just have to abide by and trust the process, sometimes with patience we never even knew was possible. It may take additional investment of time, money, discipline, guidance, but it can and will happen. In this era of one click satisfaction and google seconds, we are becoming heavily conditioned for shortcuts, quickness and easy frustration, …

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Contracts? Not here.

Contracts? No Thanks! In alignment with our vision, and as the Founder of GEvolution Fitness, I do not believe that our team members need to be bound to the House of Blue with paperwork and dotted lines, so we do NOT require…Contracts. 🚫No startup fees. 🚫No cancellations fees. 🚫No hold fees. We continue to nurture a training environment that has our team members coming back each time because they feel connected and committed to their overall heath, self care and the positively impacting ENERGY and EMPOWERMENT of our strength community. We are honored to be chosen by you and to …

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you. do. not. suck.

never think, for just one second, that you are the only one who has to work thru a process, whether it’s during a lift/movement the gym or in life outside of the gym. the best athletes in the world face new challenges and work through them to execute them properly.they do multiple reps, sets, practice…in order to execute. IT’S NOT JUST YOU. YOU AREN’T A F❌❌K UP. YOU DON’T SUCK. YOU ARE NOT WEAK. the most successful people (in business AND in spiritual/life journey) face new challenges and work through them to understand and rise from.they ask for help, learn, …

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Why Our Coaching Team?

Our Coaching Team is here for you. We want to inspire you, wildly. We welcome you to fiercely celebrate your victories. We want to use our crazy, compiled experiences to guide you towards your aspirations. We want to make you laugh, sometimes uncontrollably. We want to support you in realizing that your happiness is indeed, within your Self. We are here to encourage you in knowing that within you is this totally, rad, super, BADASS, who is capable of anything. We want you to connect deeply with your inner strength. Let’s do this together. 🙌🏼

All or Nothing is BS

I want take a moment to invite EVERYONE to release the dreadful, uninspiring, overwhelming, bullying “all or nothing” expectation that you are hanging over yourselves like a heavy black cloud ready to swallow you in “I told you so’s.” All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Negative.Energy. All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Unsustainable. Let’s change this approach, this idea, this ridiculous badge. Each moment is anew.A chance to choose again.One day committed or surging in another area of your life DOESN’T mean you commitment to your health just “shit the bed.”It means in the next moment, you can choose again. Go ahead and give me an example of one time that All …

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Would you treat your car like that?

Go ahead, leave your car in the driveway. Abandon it. Let it lay dormant for days, weeks, months, years. Let the fluids lay stagnant.Let the battery deplete.Let the tires flatten, warp or deflate.Let the paint fade.Let the frame rust. You see where I’m going with this? That car wants to RUN!That car wants to DRIVE! So do our BODIES! MOVE TO IMPROVE! Get up. Get Active. Get Going. Get Living.

What’s with all the Warmup Stuff you DO in There?

Dynamic Warm-ups! It’s what we do! But why? ☝🏼We reduce the occurrence of muscle strains because our muscles are warmed & prepared for the work ahead. ✌🏼We increase our blood flow & lubrication to our muscles and joints, once again preparing them and igniting them for the work ahead. 👌🏼We welcome joint movement and activate our sensory receptors within our joints, muscles, and tendons to let them know, “HEY we are about to do this thang!” Movement Is the Essence of Life! Movement IS Life!

Smile. On Purpose.

I am going to purposefully smile more. It feels good, like real good – even in the most tense of moments. I found a huge batch of photos and picked them with Ricky a few nights ago. Pics from high school, pics from college, pics from my 20’s. “Mommy is that you?” Ricky said pointing to me with my once long blonde hair. “Yeeeep.” I said time and time again. After a few more pictures, I lost his attention to some wrestling magazines I had saved because my brother was on the cover. His focus was now on that of …

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