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Living in Abundance! GAINS BABY!!

Recognizing gains instead of losses. It’s this thing I’ve been doing that helps me to remain in an attitude of gratitude as opposed to FREEEEEEAKIN’ Out because I think that time is running out, our money is gonna run out, our whatever is gonna deplete. It’s that scarcity mindset. That fear that, if I do this, or say yes to this, then I won’t have enough of “something” when the NEXT cool thing or even day comes along. It’s been helping me make decisions not from that standpoint. I focus on what the gain is from my action, or non …

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Pencils Rule

I am going to write in pencil more often. Flow. Flexibility. The more I go with the flow and the more flexible I am through the twists and turns of a day, the calmer, more centered I feel. The less rigid I am the happier I am. Pencils make me feel like if I have to make a change, I don’t have to scribble out the change or cross it out with a big sloppy “X.” Pencils make me feel like if I have a cancellation, it’s okay, because I can just erase it. No white out, no more ink. …

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