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No Validation Needed

After being away for over a week with my mentorship crew and presenting to a room of alomost 200 passionate entrepeneurs about the importance of believing in yourself and cultivating your life around that which you love, I immediately felt drawn to better my communication with our GEvolution Community.  I was astounded my how many lives we touched through our presentations, and understood crystal clearly that it was time to use my talents to continue to serve others.

”Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” – Thomas Kinkade

I wanted to share an experience that I had this past weekend. It was an experience which could help many of us who may doubt the transparency of our desired accomplishments.  After my presentation on Saturday, a kind hearted woman shared a desired accomplishment with me, one she held close to her heart.  After she poured her heart out to me about her vision, she ended with, “Is this a good goal to have?” I looked into her eyes and said, “that is not a question that I dare answer. It is not my validation that you should seek. If you feel within your heart, a warmth and distict draw to your desired accomplishment then, you go for it, no matter what the size.  As you walk your path, be mindful if you choose to pose that question to any and all that you may pass, you will find there will be some who will deter you and steal your focus from your desired accomplishment because they do not share your vision. It does not mean that they do not care for you or your vision, however they grew with their own set of conditions, programs, behaviors, values & experiences which may not be aligned with your desired accomplishment. Your energy which is meant for your accomplishment may then be stifled even just for a few minutes and a shift will have to occur so you can regain the momentum in the belief of your desired accomplishment.  Your goal, your calling in life, your wish, your dream, your desires, your mission. They all share a common denominator….”your.” It is yours and what you shall do with it will be your life’s work.  If your heart and soul draw you towards a certain path or acomplishment, then go with it. Create it. Flow with it.

This idea does not only apply to finding our “life’s work.” It can be applied to any thing you choose to bring into your life. Seeking out a new home,  a new state to live in, a new career, a new realationship, a new circle of friends, a desire to be a parent, a desire to adopt a baby,  a new approach to lifestyle, etc. Staying true to your desired accomplishment and choosing to bring it into your life will bring you the balance, peace & joy that comes with it.  Validation is not what we need.  Realization that our desired accomplishments are pretty damn awesome is really ALL we need.  Period.

Empower. Embrace. Evolve. Emerge.