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Kim’s Ass or Jen’s Arms. Neither.

How many times have we seen the titles, “Have Legs Like These,” “So & SO’s Ab Routine,” “Get This Person’s Ass,” “Tighten and Tone, just Like (insert A-List Airbrushed Celeb’s Name Here)”

It’s everywhere. Magazines, Billboards, TV, Internet, Radio, Social Media Ads! AHH! It is no wonder why many of us lose sight of our “self.”  It is because we are being heavily bombarded by information telling us, we should want to look “like this.”  I couldn’t possibly say how many times, as a personal trainer and coach that when I ask a new client what their Fitness Vision is, I am met with, “Kim Kardashian’s this or Jennifer Anniston’s that. I have experienced these answers in a variety of different demographics ranging from Florida to NY to Maine. It is at this point that our venture towards personal betterment has already gone askew.

Upon venturing towards any fitness Vision, life altering healthy commitment, or aesthetic improvement accomplished thru the means of clean eating & kick ass training, should we ever begin our venture focused on an external entity to determine what our “self” should look like or have the ability to attain.  Admiration for another individuals attributes is a wonderful and healthy sharing of positivity for that individual however, setting our sites on how we want to feel and how  we want our body to look is something that begins within us.

Instead of looking to the outside to determine the idea of how we want to look, determine this instead, from within. Close your eyes and meditate on your fitness Vision. See yourself as your mind soulfully creates you. See your own legs, evolving into stems of strength and beauty as YOU define strength and beauty. Visualize your back smoothing, defining, creating it own terrain of elegance and might.  See your torso emerging into a corset of lean power and an ode to your healthy nutritional choices. Envision your shoulders & arms: firm and intoxicating, outlined by the musculature make-up of your choice.  Feel your body with your hand, within your vision. How does it feel? This IS you.

Your connection with this vision will fuel your fire along your fitness journey. Connect with your vision, when you wake up, when you are falling asleep and especially connect with it during moments when your “going gets tough.”

Expending our energy comparing ourselves to other’s in order to decipher what we should appear as, is wasted energy. Let Kim Kardashian enjoy her own ass and Jennifer flex her own “biceps.”  Visualize instead, unveiling YOU.

As the father of Mental Science, Thomas Troward once noted, “Everything has it’s Beginning in Mind.”

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Gina LoMonaco