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“I Suck”

Today I found myself replying to a Facebook message. When I replied I realized, EVERYONE who is in some type of fitness / training/ sports at any level should see this:

Awesome Female Client: “I know you don’t like negativity, but I sucked today! I don’t know what my problem was! I think it was the hardest workout for me so far …”

ME: You think you sucked today? Really? Actually as I see it, you were met with a harder workout than you have exp…erienced before & you stood up to it the VERY BEST you could. Be happy that you struggled, because it shows that you are putting every ounce of effort into your performance & with that continued effort, your “struggle” will lessen & your ability will grow.

Tell me why you sucked?

That’s a general statement. What do you mean by “I sucked today.”

Ask yourself.

WHAT EXACTLY “SUCKED” TODAY? WHY EXACTLY DID I “SUCK” TODAY? Could you not keep up? Did your muscles burn? Was it hard to maintain form? What makes you suck?  

Then after you answer those questions – ask yourself this…..Are these answers things that CAN improve?

Are these answers things that WILL improve?   Chances are, the answer is… F@#K YES!

I’ll tell you when you “SUCK”…

  • You suck when you don’t try.
  • You suck when you back off because of laziness.
  • You suck when you know you can do more, but decide to take a break anyway.
  • You suck when you don’t care.
  • You suck when you are doing this for anyone but yourself.

Long story short. You don’t suck. Instead, you are BALLS DEEP in the process & you are going head to head with challenges every time you train. As long as you meet them head-on with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE.

This is my Inspiration Thru Experience, Gina