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Do NOT wipe your slate clean.

Yay, it’s 2016! I get to wipe my slate clean,”

Fuck. That.

Don’t ever wipe your slate clean.

Every decision, every moment, every experience has designed you, created you, etched you, carved you, shaped you.

Every bit of pain you endured, every smile that graced your face, every hardship, every bit of enjoyment that you experienced in 2015 or any year before it, is a PART of you now.

Keep your slate and the multitude of scribblings all over it.

Be proud of all of the decisions, while at the time good, bad or indifferent moved you closer to the soulful creature you are right the fuck now.

Embrace that soulful creature.

Continue to Evolve.


Emerge, knowing who the fuck you are ….

….that soulful creature that has scribbled herself into a masterpiece, on her infinite slab of slate.