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Everyday, in every way…

I’m bringing this little ditty back for one of our awesome team members… You know who you are! BUT, I know anyone reading it, can soak it in! “Every day, in every way, I am getting better!” Say it every day, especially when your mind is bogged down with “problems” or negativity. Neutralize those ugly thoughts with this phrase. Give your mind (sub-conscious & conscious) the opportunity to be filled with empowering language. Be filled with the encouragement you to overcome, grow, thrive, LIVE!

you. do. not. suck.

never think, for just one second, that you are the only one who has to work thru a process, whether it’s during a lift/movement the gym or in life outside of the gym. the best athletes in the world face new challenges and work through them to execute them properly.they do multiple reps, sets, practice…in order to execute. IT’S NOT JUST YOU. YOU AREN’T A F❌❌K UP. YOU DON’T SUCK. YOU ARE NOT WEAK. the most successful people (in business AND in spiritual/life journey) face new challenges and work through them to understand and rise from.they ask for help, learn, …

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It ain’t gonna happen over night….

“It ain’t gonna happen over night.” “Ya can’t build Rome in one day.” cliche, but soooooooooooooooooo correct Learn the skill.Practice the skill.Learn more about the skill.KEEP practicing the skill.Nail some.Miss some.Learn more about the skill.Practice the “more” you learned.Execute.Then practice more.Master it.Then practice more. Trust. the. process. In every facet of your life. . . ,. Forever.

All or Nothing is BS

I want take a moment to invite EVERYONE to release the dreadful, uninspiring, overwhelming, bullying “all or nothing” expectation that you are hanging over yourselves like a heavy black cloud ready to swallow you in “I told you so’s.” All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Negative.Energy. All.Or.Nothing.Equals.Unsustainable. Let’s change this approach, this idea, this ridiculous badge. Each moment is anew.A chance to choose again.One day committed or surging in another area of your life DOESN’T mean your commitment to your health just “shit the bed.”It means in the next moment, you can choose again. Go ahead and give me an example of one time that All …

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Would you treat your car like that?

Go ahead, leave your car in the driveway. Abandon it. Let it lay dormant for days, weeks, months, years. Let the fluids lay stagnant.Let the battery deplete.Let the tires flatten, warp or deflate.Let the paint fade.Let the frame rust. You see where I’m going with this? That car wants to RUN!That car wants to DRIVE! So do our BODIES! MOVE TO IMPROVE! Get up. Get Active. Get Going. Get Living.

Living in Abundance! GAINS BABY!!

Recognizing gains instead of losses. It’s this thing I’ve been doing that helps me to remain in an attitude of gratitude as opposed to FREEEEEEAKIN’ Out because I think that time is running out, our money is gonna run out, our whatever is gonna deplete. It’s that scarcity mindset. That fear that, if I do this, or say yes to this, then I won’t have enough of “something” when the NEXT cool thing or even day comes along. It’s been helping me make decisions not from that standpoint. I focus on what the gain is from my action, or non …

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Kill Joy. Buzzkill. Comparison.

I am done with comparisons. Mark Twain said it best when he said, “comparison is the death of Joy.” He. Is. Correct. My life feels better without comparisons. Less stressful. Less pressure. Less fear. I actually get to be nice to myself instead of telling myself everything I’m not. I focus on ALL that I am. I don’t compare myself to who I was, what I could do or what I looked like in the past. I don’t compare where I am in my life with others. I don’t compare my business to others. my skills my parenting my values …

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Pencils Rule

I am going to write in pencil more often. Flow. Flexibility. The more I go with the flow and the more flexible I am through the twists and turns of a day, the calmer, more centered I feel. The less rigid I am the happier I am. Pencils make me feel like if I have to make a change, I don’t have to scribble out the change or cross it out with a big sloppy “X.” Pencils make me feel like if I have a cancellation, it’s okay, because I can just erase it. No white out, no more ink. …

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Start Your Day by Reminding Yourself About How Fuck.ing Awesome You Really Are.

Start your day by reminding yourself how fucking awesome you really are. Like make it the FIRST thing you do! These days I am saying affirmations first thing in the morning instead of in the middle of the day. I used to pick a time in the middle of the day to meditate or just go into silence in a room in my house I have specifically designed for just chillin. I’d read and say affirmations in there. But half of the day had already happened so it felt like o was trying to “reset,” or neutralize and shitty thinking …

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Smile. On Purpose.

I am going to purposefully smile more. It feels good, like real good – even in the most tense of moments. I found a huge batch of photos and picked them with Ricky a few nights ago. Pics from high school, pics from college, pics from my 20’s. “Mommy is that you?” Ricky said pointing to me with my once long blonde hair. “Yeeeep.” I said time and time again. After a few more pictures, I lost his attention to some wrestling magazines I had saved because my brother was on the cover. His focus was now on that of …

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