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Why Water?

Water is critical for our bodies. Not coffee (although it feels that way :), not tea, not soda, not juices. Just good ol’ water. Here are some knowledge bytes: –  The human brain is composed of 95% water; blood is 82% water; the lungs are nearly 90% water. –  Water is also the single most critical nutrient for health, growth, and development. It is not only the most important nutrient in the body, but also the most abundant. – A 2% drop in body water can cause a small, but critical shrinkage of the brain, which can impair neuromuscular coordination, …

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Would you treat your car like that?

Go ahead, leave your car in the driveway. Abandon it. Let it lay dormant for days, weeks, months, years. Let the fluids lay stagnant.Let the battery deplete.Let the tires flatten, warp or deflate.Let the paint fade.Let the frame rust. You see where I’m going with this? That car wants to RUN!That car wants to DRIVE! So do our BODIES! MOVE TO IMPROVE! Get up. Get Active. Get Going. Get Living.

Smile. On Purpose.

I am going to purposefully smile more. It feels good, like real good – even in the most tense of moments. I found a huge batch of photos and picked them with Ricky a few nights ago. Pics from high school, pics from college, pics from my 20’s. “Mommy is that you?” Ricky said pointing to me with my once long blonde hair. “Yeeeep.” I said time and time again. After a few more pictures, I lost his attention to some wrestling magazines I had saved because my brother was on the cover. His focus was now on that of …

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Potty Time? Trade the Iphone for a Book!

I don’t take my phone into the bathroom with me anymore. C’mon, you do it too, and as a matter of fact, might I add, if ya do, grab a “wipey” and “Iswipe” that bad boy as it’s 1 of the 5 filthiest things we touch throughout the day. From the path, I deviate. But to the bread crumbs I return. I have since put books back in my bathroom. A couple in a basket. A couple on the back of the bowl. All non fiction. Some quote books. A biography. A couple prosperity books. Oh, And A book of …

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your mind is a brilliant fuck you upper.

What does that title even mean? Well, it’s brilliant and it’s brilliance in negotiation tactics, can, well, fuck us up. Lemme show ya. Even as a child develops, as parents we are taught to explain “why” we have asked a child to do something or ‘why” these are the steps involved in doing it. This way, the child connects with the task/learning at hand and has a much better chance of seeing it through…. Well, Today I invite you to revisit YOUR why. Why do you workout? train? have a membership at our gym?I was saying this morning as I …

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New Year. New You. No Thank You.

I’m not gonna do the whole “new year, new you” thing. Not even close. Instead, I offer this reminder… Every moment of every day entitles us to make our own decisions, no matter what four digits follow the month & day. We are our present, not our past & our present decisions craft our future. I welcome us to embrace our ability to craft that future, moment by moment. Choose to immerse ourselves into what makes us happiest. Choose to fill our body with nutritious fuel. Choose to activate our bodies daily so we can experience longevity & optimal well-being. …

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I have been prescribed naps.

I have been prescribed naps. This mom, wife, business owner, personal trainer, athlete, overall energetic & excited human being has been prescribed “naps.” (among other things) Sounds pretty fucking fantastic, doesn’t it? Doctor’s orders: I have to sleep a FULL 8+ hours every night AND “nap” for up to 2 hours during the day. Who wouldn’t want this lifestyle?  Who wouldn’t want to just sleep? Well, let me tell you, not me, not you, not anyone. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, because in this case, all my body wants to literally & physically do IS sleep. After a little over 1 month …

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Yeah…These Will Never Work…or Will They?

It doesn’t matter if you are training for a bodybuilding competition, an obstacle course race, a planned cruise to Jamaica or promoting an overall healthy lifestyle for yourself, nutrition and supportive nutritional choices will be a definitive point of your accomplishment. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I have the opportunity to work with many folks aspiring to physically and mentally improve themselves on a daily basis. Whether they are new to training or have spent many years living an active lifestyle, one common theme among many clients is the action taken when they get to this …

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Live From Within –

The moment had arrived. It was 13 challenging and character-building weeks after I officially and suddenly decided to compete in my 1st figure competition. There I stood, pumped up, “glam”ed up and “bling”ed out, in line with some of the most amazing women I had ever had the pleasure of sharing time and space with. The line was shortening as each brilliant woman stepped on stage to show the audience and judges what their personal commitment had created. For some, this was a bucket list check-off, for some this was a way of life. For me, it was the ultimate …

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Confessions of a “CouldaBeen”

It was the Olympic Trials. I was prepared, physically. I was experiencing the best season of my life and found myself edging closer to my longed-for 200Ft. throw in competition and making the USA Olympic Track & Field Team (just typing it, gives me butterflies). I was 27 years old and I thought of this moment since I started throwing discus at age 15. Ranked 5th in the USA and 32nd in the world, I stepped into the stadium in Sacramento, California. Physically, I was ready to go, ready to accomplish, and just like my discus, ready to soar. My …

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