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Empower. Embrace. Evolve. Emerge. The Cornerstones of GEvolution.

I was at my husband’s grandparents’ camp. It was the summer of 2014. The sky was a radiant blue and I was sitting in a lounge chair with my phone in hand and the warm sun on my skin. My wheels were spinning and my mind was open. My bare feet grounded on the green and a warm breeze around me. I could feel my creativity percolating. I wanted to capture the essence of GEvolution Fitness. I wanted to convey that what I was building meant more than a place to work out at. I wanted to give meaning to …

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The Voices in Our Heads

In the gym and out. The voice in your mind that encourages and empowers you is your true self, your true voice, your inner wisdom, YOU. The other voice that tries to tell you that you aren’t enough is indeed a parasite, a louse, a FALSEHOOD. It’s a liar. Raise the volume on your true voice! In the gym and out, RISE UP!

Contracts? Not here.

Contracts? No Thanks! In alignment with our vision, and as the Founder of GEvolution Fitness, I do not believe that our team members need to be bound to the House of Blue with paperwork and dotted lines, so we do NOT require…Contracts. 🚫No startup fees. 🚫No cancellations fees. 🚫No hold fees. We continue to nurture a training environment that has our team members coming back each time because they feel connected and committed to their overall health, self-care, and the positively impacting ENERGY and EMPOWERMENT of our strength community. We are honored to be chosen by you and to be …

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Sitting. Just. Too. Much. Sitting.

Sitting. Our human body which was Born To Move, is subject to so. much. sitting. So we develop low back pain, weak hamstrings, tight hips and a weakened core. Then it gets worse because at the end of a long day of sitting, our bodies are baked from sitting, and because we are tired, well we sit s’more. Yuck. Life in your body does NOT. Have. To. SUCK. Want to feel better for LIFE, then MOVE. Strengthen your body. Add flexibility to your body. Add stability to your joints. That will then add confidence to your Self, trust in your …

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Are We a “Strongman Gym?”

Just recently a dear friend of mine and someone who I look up to in Strongman Sport complimented our House of Blue by calling it a “Strongman Gym.” I quickly replied, “we are not a Strongman Gym.” Yes, we have plenty of Strongman equipment. Yes, we have coaches, including myself who have competed in Strongman. Yes, we excitedly host Strongman Events. Yes, we happily sponsor Strongman Events. Yes, we train team members to compete in Strongman, MANY for the first time. Yes, WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Strongman. It is however, a part of what we do here. We have created …

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What’s with all the Warm-up Stuff you DO in There?

Dynamic Warm-ups! It’s what we do! But why? ☝🏼We reduce the occurrence of muscle strains because our muscles are warmed & prepared for the work ahead. ✌🏼We increase our blood flow & lubrication to our muscles and joints, once again preparing them and igniting them for the work ahead. 👌🏼We welcome joint movement and activate our sensory receptors within our joints, muscles, and tendons to let them know, “HEY we are about to do this thang!” Movement Is the Essence of Life! Movement IS Life!


Puzzles. I used to always do them as a child, especially with my grandma. She was the queen of puzzles. I would sit alongside of her for hours in her house in Queens, NY with 1,000 pieces of “whoa” laid out before us on a cutting board the size of a stovetop.  As we would devote our focus and patiently search for the right pieces, we would eventually get into a groove and exceptionally beautiful pictures of landscapes, homes, horses, kittens, cities, etc. would start to emerge. Once we were in that groove, we just couldn’t stop. We were dialed in. We looked forward …

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