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Default Settings

Change your default setting to DO IT! Well, what the hell does that mean? Your default setting is that automatic moment. It’s that “go-to” moment, that doubtful moment. That moment of doubt that occurs when you are met with something new, something you have never attempted before.  A challenge, feat, want, desire….   It’s that first thought, that one second that triggers your mind to believe “I can’t do THAT!” We all do it. We all question ourselves. Well, you my friend have now been welcomed to step OUT of your comfort zone. That routine, mundane place where you reside. That limited domain …

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“I Suck”

Today I found myself replying to a Facebook message. When I replied I realized, EVERYONE who is in some type of fitness / training/ sports at any level should see this: Awesome Female Client: “I know you don’t like negativity, but I sucked today! I don’t know what my problem was! I think it was the hardest workout for me so far …” ME: You think you sucked today? Really? Actually as I see it, you were met with a harder workout than you have exp…erienced before & you stood up to it the VERY BEST you could. Be happy that …

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A client of mine addressed me with a question about her feet going “numb” / feeling tingly or hot when she was using her elliptical. Although, my initial answer would have went something like this, “Oh yes, I know how we can fix that,  throw your elliptical out your window and put a cardboard sign in front of it that reads, FREE” – I instead took a more professional approach….. While answering her, I thought I would share with you as well. If you experience the same feeling, the please read on. So you feel the dreadful “pins and needles when you …



“LOSE 50 LBS FASTER THAN EVER! According to this study by an absolute NOBODY & supported by no credible or consistent research, YOU can burn all of your belly fat away!” It’s TRUE! Read this, buy this, use this, take this & in 48 hours you will be Red Carpet Ready!” JUNK! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Break through the Bullshit. It’s all Bullshit. It’s Brainwashing. It’s purposeful perpetuated failure through marketing. Believe the unrealistic, fail, believe another unrealistic, fail, try another unrealistic, FAIL. Commit to ourselves. Everyday is  a day for US to carve out what WE want to …


10 Nutritional YES’s – GEvolution Style

Through the years within the fitness/coaching industry as both a client & trainer, coach & athlete, there were many “DIET FADS” I either experienced or heard about though peers experimenting.  To continue to help you break through some of these myths of these fads, I wanted to pass along some short, simple & direct information to you that you can utilize throughout your healthy lifestyle! I have chosen to focus on 10 nutritional guidelines that must be queued in to aid the loss of fat lose, encourage  lean muscle tissue building and improve your overall health which in turn will perpetuate additional healthy …

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Kim’s Ass or Jen’s Arms. Neither.

How many times have we seen the titles, “Have Legs Like These,” “So & SO’s Ab Routine,” “Get This Person’s Ass,” “Tighten and Tone, just Like (insert A-List Airbrushed Celeb’s Name Here)” It’s everywhere. Magazines, Billboards, TV, Internet, Radio, Social Media Ads! AHH! It is no wonder why many of us lose sight of our “self.”  It is because we are being heavily bombarded by information telling us, we should want to look “like this.”  I couldn’t possibly say how many times, as a personal trainer and coach that when I ask a new client what their Fitness Vision is, I am met …

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Kindness, Authenticity and Squatting

We are all on a journey. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Not just in this gym, but everywhere. We are realizing, learning, growing, rising. Let’s share positive influence with each other. Let’s make encounters with others inspirational. Lead by example. Lead with authenticity. Be the real you. Share Kindness. (The random acts of, are the most fun!) Let’s share experiences that have helped us with others so they may realize, learn, grow and rise. Oh, And most of all, #SQUAT <3 LOL!