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I Guess You Could Say I Own a Gym

I guess you could say I own a gym. That’s the tangible obviousness of it. But, I feel that it is more like I’m sharing an idea and this space, GEvolution, is where people can be a part of it. It’s the idea that we are capable of breaking free from the false suggestions that we cannot. It’s the idea that “intimidation” is an illusion, an un-real, a simple word that we break down together. It’s the idea that we can honor and love our body while we grow strong. It’s the idea that a commUnity of empowering energies can …

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The GEvolution Mission

GEvolution Fitness is deeply committed to our community. We EMPOWER each other to EMBRACE our inner badass as we EVOLVE on our life journey. We graciously honor our bodies as we nurture the connection between our strong bodies and authentic souls. Together we EMERGE in greatness.

Move. Everyday.

Movement. Forever. move. everyday. Not just to our car to and from the office. And not just from our desk to the break room. And not just from our car to our couch. Move with intention, to improve, for vitality. “Exercise” is not scary. It’s movement that our body will thrive from. It’s giving our body what it was born for. Make time for it. Make time for you. 🙌🏼

It ain’t gonna happen over night….

“It ain’t gonna happen over night.” “Ya can’t build Rome in one day.” cliche, but soooooooooooooooooo correct Learn the skill.Practice the skill.Learn more about the skill.KEEP practicing the skill.Nail some.Miss some.Learn more about the skill.Practice the “more” you learned.Execute.Then practice more.Master it.Then practice more. Trust. the. process. In every facet of your life. . . ,. Forever.

“That’s Quite a Get-Up You’ve Got There…”

A white haired gentlemen was seated in the waiting room at the spa. He and his wife were color coordinated, like something adorable right out of an LL Bean catalogue. He sat with her as she waited for her pedicure throne to be ready. I had just finished my manicure. I was wearing a pair of workout shorts, my injured and atrophied leg, bare.  I turned right from my chair, retrieved my “she’s half robot, half woman” knee brace from my manicurist, relocated my seated position to the floor and proceeded to buckle up and in. Clasps 1-5 snapped, velcro …

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I am sitting on one of my high kitchen chairs. The snow is behind me, it’s bright reflection is lighting up my kitchen. My injured knee, who will shall now call “Burt” is dangling off my chair as a mobility trick to gently gain more flexion in my joint. “Burt?” You ask? Yes. I have named the cantaloupe that is my knee, Burt. ‘Cuz, Why not? I am determined to be friends with him and coach him through this. Today is the best morning I have had since the morning before the trampoline torture. Mostly because of 2 reasons: 1. …


Ya Don’t Wanna Get Smacked in the Face by Yo Mama.

It was definitely a winter morning. I was 14 years old sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car, which at that time still had a cassette player in the dashboard. I put a rap tape on and started working my head bob. My Italian mom wasn’t a big rap music fan at the time, or for that matter, any time….ever. After about 2 songs, my mother in typical Marie fashion, said, “Please!! Take this off, it’s slicing into my brain.” (haha! So dramatic!) So, I boldly ejected the tape from the player with an “attitude.” Yeah, I snatched …

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I Need A Divorce

I have heard that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Quick Peek into the point I am about to make. We will establish friendships that will amazingly last a lifetime, however, we will also establish friendships that will serve a purpose for a very specific amount of time. Recognizing the end point can sometimes be difficult because we want to be supportive and provide as much encouragement as possible. But… If you start to identifying that this “friend” is undeniably occupying your valuable time with negativity, “all the things wrong” in his/her …

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3 books that Will Dramatically Improve Your Life Right Now.

You look in the mirror and stare at what you hate. You scroll through Facebook and compare yourself to fashionistas & fitness models. You step on a scale & damn near implode because the number was +1 since yesterday. You scan through Pinterest and think you’re a shitty mom since you can’t make those super creative cupcakes. It happens every day. Beautiful, strong, intelligent & powerful women are veiled by their perceived “flaws.” These “perceived” flaws can destroy us from the inside, out. They can extinguish our beauty, deteriorate our strengths, stifle our intelligence & suppress our power. I was …

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